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Season 9 GM Hall-of-Fame Ballot
The following GMs are eligible for entry into the CMHL GM Hall of Fame, based on their accumulation of 3 years of service up to and including Season 9. Posted next to their name is their approximate career record (I did my best) and any relevant awards or championships. You are asked to vote for 3 candidates, in order of preference. Your first choice will receive 5 points, 2nd choice 3 points and 3rd choice 1 point. Because we didn't do this for the last two seasons, the three candidates with the greatest number of points will be elected.

Bruins-Ryan (BOS): 169-226-55 Career Record (S1-S6)
Gino (BOS): 114-113-21 Career Record (S7-S9)
Koopa/Jeremy (BUF): 146-80-20 Career Record (S7-S9) - S8/S9 Northeast Division Winner - S9 Prince of Wales Trophy - S9 ICHF Stanley Cup Winner - S7 Jay Award
theides (CGY): 167-163-44 Career Record (S1-S5) - S4 Northwest Division Winner
Luke (CGY): 194-115-19 Career Record (S6-S9) - S6 Northwest Division Winner - S7/S8 M3 Award
bugs2011 (CHI): 125-94-27 Career Record (S7-S9) - S9 ICHF Clarence S. Campbell Trophy
sentinel20/Joe Sakic (COL): 174-210-51 - Career Record (S4-S9) - S5 ICHF Stanley Cup - S8 Jay Award
StarsGM (DAL): 255-269-57 Career Record (S3-S9)
Oilerfan4life (EDM): 360-303-75 Career Record (S1-S9) - S7/S8 Northwest Division Winner - S5 Jay Award Winner - Won S2 ICHF Stanley Cup - Voluntarily simmed the ICHF Playoffs from Season 2 to 5
chriscmb (FLA): 219-229-44 Career Record (S4-S9) - Won S6 ICHF Stanley Cup
Kings-Anthony (LA): 119-167-40 Career Record (S3-S6)
Matsson (MIN): 215-291-68 Career Record (S3-S9) - S3 Northwest Division Winner - S4 ICHF Jack Adams Award - S4 ICHF President's Trophy - S4 ICHF Clarence S. Campbell Trophy
powwow (BUF/MTL): 238-205-58 Career Record (S1-S3/S7-S9) - S7 Northeast Division Winner
mikeyevil (NYI/MTL/WSH): 187-183-40 Career Record (S3-S7) - S7 League Official - S3 Atlantic Division Winner
Eddy Franchise (NSH): 147-146-35 Career Record (S1-S4)
Rye (MTL/NSH): 131-116-31 Career Record (S2-3/S5-6) - Won S2 Stanley Cup - S2 Northeast Division Winner
Rochebag (NYR): 101-123-22 Career Record (S4-S6)
Gerg (OTT/PHI): 137-83-23 Career Record (S7-S9) - S7-S9 League Official - S7/S8 AsmodeanReborn Award - S9 GM Activity Award
tetreault29 (PHI): 224-204-64 Career Record (S1-S6) - S1 Presidents Trophy Winner - S4 M3 Award Winner - S5 Atlantic Division Winner - S2-S4 League Official
jwolbach (PHX): 136-159-33 Career Record (S1-S4) - Purchased FHLSim for the league
Gerv (OTT/PHX): 288-231-61 Career Record (S3-S9) - S3 Northeast Division Winner - S9 Pacific Division Winner - S4 Jay Award Winner - S5 Kookaranian Award Winner - Won S3 ICHF Stanley Cup
Spicy McHaggis (PIT/LA): 214-229-49 Career Record (PIT/LA) - S6/S7 Atlantic Division Winner
SharksGM (Dan) (SJ): 239-269-66 Career Record (S3-S9) - S8 ICHF Clarence S. Campbell Trophy
jockplante1 (STL): 84-127-35 Career Record (S4-S6)
Brian (STL): 126-90-30 Career Record (S7-S9) - S8 Clarence S. Campbell Trophy - S8 Central Division Winner - S8 Jack Adams Trophy
lightningbolt (TB): 277-118-45 Career Record (S4-S9) - S4-S9 League Official - S7/S8 Stanley Cup Winner - S8/S9 President's Trophy Winner - S7/S8/S9 Southeast Division Winner - S5/S6 AsmodeanReborn Award - S6 Jay Award
Cmousers/Schultzie (STL/WSH): 189-178-46 Career Record (S2-S6) - S6 Southeast Division Winner
Simon (ATL/WPG): 173-211-49 Career Record (S4-S9) - S8 ICHF Stanley Cup - S9 ICHF President's Trophy - S9 ICHF Jack Adams Award
First Choice (5 Pts):
Second Choice (3 Pts):
Third Choice (1 Pt):
GM Name (Yours):

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