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League Officials (The L.O.'s)

lightningbolt (Dave) - Tampa Bay GM
lightningbolt joined the CMHL late in 2007, becoming the GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning in January 2008.

One of the older and more experienced members of the CMHL, Dave has been involved in the management of two other Sim leagues, including one that he co-founded in 2002. Dave is a record holder in each of the other leagues he has been involved with, including leading his ream to a phenomenal 142 points one season.

Dave's experience was recognised as he joined the CMHL management team as an LO after only 5 weeks as a GM in the league. In February 2011, he took over the Commissioner's role, when long time league manager habsfan93 stepped down. He looks forward to not only growing the Tampa Bay Lightning to long term success, but using his knowledge of SIM leagues to help the CMHL continue to grow towards becoming one of the best online hockey leagues available.

Dave is married and lives in Calgary, where he is a business entepreneur.

Paul Holmgren (Greg) - Philadelphia GM
It was a balmy mid-summer day, in Burnaby BC in the early 1980's. There was a cool breeze keeping the temperature at a tolerable level. John Moffat was working outside in the garden when he got a call. It was time. It was time to go to the hospital. His wife was in labour. Thirty-six hours later, Greg Moffat was born. Just over 28 years later, he was introduced to the CMHL by the man from the ice and snow, where the midnight sun, where the hot springs blow. Hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new land. To fight the horde... sorry, got carried away. Within a few short weeks of joining the league, Greg was given the job of Stan Bowman'ing the Ottawa Senators. (For those who don't remember, the 2010 Blackhawks had to cut millions from their Cap). Within 4 months and lots of time spent jackbutting around, Greg was named as one of the League Officials, which is a title he holds with pride. Greg is currently serving as an apprentice electrician in Vancouver (& area), 28 years old, no lady friend as of yet, and likes long walks on the beach. He has since given up on the Senators and moved into Philadelphia where he will attempt the most epic of rebuilds.

Jay - Nashville GM
An original member of the CMHL dating back to its inception, Jay has been a member of the League Officials team on and off throughout its nine-year existence. Originally the GM of the Minnesota Wild, Jay took a four-year leave before returning to the league to manage the Nashville Predators and has remained in this position since 2010. A Hall-of-Fame GM with a wealth of experience, Jay is a real asset to the League Officials group.

Canucks (Mike) - Vancouver GM
In the CMHL, the word "Canucks" and Mike are synonymous. Mike is the only remaining GM from the inception of the CMHL to still be managing the team he started with. Nine years in Vancouver have produced ups, downs, and sideways turns and Mike has seen it all. Much like Jay, Mike has been a member of the LO team on and off over the years, and we are happy that he is currently "on".

Moll (Mathieu) - New York Islanders GM
One of the CMHL's most accomplished GMs, with two Cup titles to his name, Moll, who hails from Montreal, represents the French faction of the CMHL. Always up for a good-natured ribbing, and an endless competitor, Moll brings the ultimate in respect and accountability to the LO team.

habsfan93 (Mat) - Columbus GM
After a two-year absence from the LO team, the league's former commissioner recently rejoined the LO team in the wake of a leave of absence for commissioner Dave. Mat is a little of everything to the CMHL and the CMHL is a little of everything to Mat. When the league's original commissioner M3 stepped down early on in its first season, Mat stepped up and ran the ship right through to the end of Season 7. He now returns after a year-and-a-half layaway to help manage the league and share simming duties. He is also the league's webmaster and custom built the entire website himself - if it breaks, its not his fault ;)

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