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Fight For Glory Written by Marty - November 30th, -0001

2 Years removed from winning the CMHL Stanley Cup, and 1 year removed from finishing in the bottom 10 of the league. The New Jersey Devils are now preparing for season 5, and coming with it is a new start. A renewed passion, a new revamped team philosophy, and the biggest roster overturn the Devils implemented since season 2. No More rebuilding, no more last place finishes, no more happy with "it is what it is", no more complacentcy..

Fight for Glory, Fight for Respect, Fight for The Stanley Cup


Fight For The Stanley Cup

The Devils have always taken an....unorthodox approach to each and every season. In Season 1, they wanted the playoffs, and brining in a veteran team out of the dispersal draft, they achieved their goal..but a 1st round exit batted the idea home that youth was the way to go..brining in the horror of season 2 and the 29th place finish..and watching all the teams in the playoffs..really hit it home that the Devils should too, be in there, so one more time, bringing in a veteran team..though this time laced with promising young talent, they achieved the ultimate goal and the ultimate team record..Won the Stanley Cup, after finishing 29th the season before. Cup hangover and an overzelous need to rebuild would see the Devils again finish in the bottom rung, a bottom-10 place finish..GM Marty has now had enough of rebuilding. enough of being the punchline for rebuilding. Time to earn the accolades of being a top tier team.

To achieve this goal, a massive wipe had to be brought in. Complacency and Lazy tendencies had overtaken the room, and so to bat in the idea of hard work, Marty has taken many steps to combat it and shake the idea that "good enough is never good enough" greatness shall prevail.

And to start this Marty went right after coaching canning Paul Maurice after only half a season. Maurice never pushed for harder work from the offence, and it showed as the Devils finished 28th in scoring and we're easily outmatched in most forms of coaching. Marty right away had his replacement, hiring Bruce Boudreau to take the helm of this new team and with it, new hope to get the Devils out of the bottom rung of goal scoring.

Marty now had to change the makeup of the team. Shcokwaves had to be jolted throught the soul to wake up the sleeping team within and held no-one unavailable and lived to that moving names like Eric Fehr and Cam Barker. But with that the Devils have renewed their desire to be the best and the team is looking to be on the way up.

Alex Tanguay-Jeff Carter-Devin Setoguchi

This line is the go-to line. holding the key to the success of the Devils season. if this line can go, nothing is impossible for the Devils. It may not be the greatest top-line in the league, but it's quite young witha 23 y/o Carter and a 21 y/o Setoguchi. and hope is in the air that Setoguchi can mimic the same path Eric Fehr ran down on his path to young stardom. Tanguay finishes the young line with a veteran presence that can help build their stats and mold them into top-flight playersJeff Carter Will Become The Devils Alltime Scorer This Year

Benoit Pouliot-Petr Nedved-Chuck Kobasew

Similar idea to the top line, using two young up-and -comers with a veteran presence to help build the players into solid contributers. This is Nedved's swan song as he will leaves the CMHL next season, so it's hopeful he can lead Kobasew and Pouliot down the path to realizing their potential of top-6 wingers. Pouliot is entering his sophmore season and will look to top his rookie mark of 35 points in an effort to be the best he can be. Kobasew has not had a good shake of the stick in his CMHL career, usually being a 4th liner or being in the minors and will like to prove he belongs in a scoring role in New Jersey..and has a lot to prove as he is taking the spot of Devils All-Time Scorer Eric Fehr.

Milan Lucic-John Madden-Alex Burrows

Milan Lucic doing what he does bestThe only line on the roster composed entirely of new Devils. And bringing the new team philopshy. Defend,Defen,Defend..and if it doesn't work. Kick Thier Ass instead. and who better the lead the kick their ass line then Little-Neely..Milan Lucic a 220 lb, 20 y/o badass who can very well become a potential 20 goal scorer, that will very well wind up leading the league in Gordie Howe Hattricks. joing him are two very accomplished defensive forwards. John Madden and Alex Burrows. solid defence, potential scoring, and a royal bitch to play against. teams will not look forward to this line...especially the Flyers.

PJ Axelsson-Nick Tarnasky-Colby Armstrong

look up 1 line. it's basically a lesser version of the 3rd line. stiffling defence, a young badass enforcer, a little bastard to play against. little offensive procuction will come from this line. but black eyes will hopefully be the result of this line.

Jack Johnson-Sami Salo

The teams best defencman, and the teams future franchise defenceman all on the 1st pairing. They bring a lot to the team, with Johnson being a rock defensively and an intimidating style of hitting..and on the flip side, Salo has solid defensive stats, and top-tier offensive stats as seen finishing 2nd in defensive scoring during season 4. with blistering shot, and more talent to get the puck to him or tap his shots in, Salo could break his own team record for defensive scoring.

Paul Martin-Tomas KaberleJack Johnson-The Future of the Devils Defence

Another pairing that works well together. Kaberle does everything, and Martin tries his best not to get in his way. win-freakin-win...seriously.Martin is solid defensively and respectable offensively..Kaberle is another step above him though likely being the Devils all-around best defensman..either him or Salo. These go well with the JJ/SS pairing forming a rock solid top-4 with offensive upside.

Danny Markov-Brent Sopel

These two finish the Devils defence, bringing more solid defensive play with insane intimidation in Markov, and a speedy 6th dman in Sopel whose lacking defensive play can be masked playing with players like Madden/Army/Burrows/Axe. not too much to say. but solid.

Martin Brodeur

The Devils main-man. the true go-to guy on the roster. The season lies n his shoulders..and that's theMartin Brodeur Hopes To Get Back To The Playoffs way he likes it. a top-5 goalie in the league who relishes playing. and that's what he will do. He will carry the team.probably break all team records as well..He's had a hard year, but this goalie won 10-straight games last year playing for my Devils that totally sucked..and yet again..won 10 straight..now with a good team..he will look to rectify the last season with a solid run and hopefully..a playoff push.

Dan Cloutier

The backup...the backup to Brodeur...will get about 15 starts..what is there really to say about him. a solid backup...you get that Cloutier haters..BACKUP!


So that's the team. a team that can hopefully make preople forget the ugly season that was season 4.and make them look forward to a bright future..one that includes a uy like Mikkel Boedker coming in next season..Cody Hodgson in 2-3 seasons..Aaron Ness,Corey Trivino,Mark Katic,John Carlsson all are solid depth contributors who will hope to lead the Devils in the future to their goals.

Fight For Glory,Fight For Respect,Fight For The Stanley Cup

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