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First Annual Invitational Summer Classic Written by Dave Normoyle - November 30th, -0001

Invitational Summer Classic banner

The CMHL announced on August 14th the advent of the 2008 Annual CMHL Invitational Summer Classic.

This mid-summer tournament is intended to be an annual event, with two new teams able to move into the tournament every year.

Set up like the World Junior Format, it will feature two Pools based on the previous regular season final standings.

The initial 16 teams were selected after the CMHL announced it required volunteers, without disclosing what the GM was volunteering for.  Response was swift, and in the opening 12 hours 16 adventurist souls had stepped forward, creating the birth of the First Annual Invitational Summer Classic.

The tournament will commence August 20th, and will occur annually around this time.  GMs will be able to use any and all players from within their organization for their games, as long as they stay within the confines of the CMHL Salary and Player Cap rules.

The tournament will follow a Round Robin format, with each team playing every team in their POOL once during  round robin play.  The Top 3 teams in each POOL will advance to the Medal Rounds, with standing tiebreakers determined by head-to-head results, followed by vistories, and finally each team's GF/GA differential. 

The one change from CMHL regular season rules will be regarding player useage. Unlike the regular season, in this tournament teams will only be able to double shift 2 forwards and two D-men and only on the 1st and 4th lines.  This will provide more balanced playing times while preventing potential injury.

The First Annual Invitational Summer Classic competitors will seed as follows:

Columbus Blue Jackets
Buffalo Sabres
Dallas Stars
Detroit Red Wings
Tampa Bay Lightning
Boston Bruins
Vancouver Canucks
New York Islanders

Carolina Hurricanes
Washington Capitals
Minnesota Wild
New Jersey Devils
Pittsburgh Penguins
Los Angeles Kings
Montreal Canadiens
Toronto Maple Leafs































The Schedule for the tournament is expected to be finalised and posted within the next 48 hours.




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