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The BET! Written by Anthony Wyng - November 30th, -0001

Is $5 million dollars a lot of money?  What kind of wager would you place for $5 million dollars? Well this season, in the CMHL, the Los Angles Kings have placed a $5 million dollar wager on the season series with the San Jose Sharks.  Check the rest out within...

9:00 p.m.

In a back and forth argument from the beginning of the off-season here in the CMHL, until this present time, GM Anthony Wyng of the Los Angeles Kings and GM Dan Ramathorn of the San Jose Sharks have had a bitter, endless fued of verbal arguing.  

"Dan just thinks that this newly created team is going to completely dominate the league, and totally annihilate our Kings. I must say, that he is absolutely absurd" stated GM Anthony Wyng during an interview just hours after a very large bet was made between the two teams.

The Kings GM and the Sharks GM have agreed to pay the loser of the season series $5 million CMHL dollars that comes from revenue and what not from the team.

"That's a huge amount of money, but a very positive insight from our GM to have great confidence in our team going into the season.  It will definately make for us to play a lot harder now.  We will not let our GM down, as he has not let us down in his few years here with us" said team captain Mike Richards.

"We know what we have to do.  Maybe I did this as somewhat of a psychological plea, but also, I did it because I know what this team is capable of, especially after bringing home the Silver Medal in the Summer Classic.  There is no doubt, in my mind, that the Kings will beat the Sharks in the season series, and that the Kings WILL BE a playoff team this year, a 1st since I took over here!" said GM Anthony Wyng.

A big statement, and a big move, but I guess for a GM that has been here going into his 3rd season as GM of the team, all the patience has paid off.  He is taking this team from pretender, to playoff appearance and his roster is very young, and looks to improve year in and year out from this point forward.

"Sure, it took a lot of moves to make this roster gel, and look that way it does, but we are all happy, from the brass to the players to the training staff, to the fans. It's going to be a fun season here in LA, and a lot more fun now to see who will get that $5 million dollar prize at the end of the season!"  he added.

And just that it is.  The season is right around the corner, and this only makes the anticipation rise from this point forward. And with that, we here at losangelestimes.com would like to wish the Kings the best of luck this season, and we can NOT wait for the season to begin. Silver Medal was only the start!

Until next time...

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