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CMHL "on the fly" Written by Ludo - November 30th, -0001

CMHL "on the fly"

Today in CMHL on the Fly:

  • The 2006 entry draft.

  • Eklund's Corner.

  • Quotes of the week.

Kyle Calder: 750,000/yr, Milan Hejduk: 8,200,000/yr, Winning the cup: Priceless

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The 2006 CMHL Entry Draft:

Top 5 Picks

Los Angeles - Jordan Staal
Chicago - Erik Johnson
Buffalo - Nicklas Backstrom
New York Rangers - Jonathan Toews
Edmonton - Phil Kessel

One of the surprises of this draft was the pick of Jordan Staal 1st overall. Marc's and Eric's brother won the race of being pick the highest player in this 2006 entry draft in front of superstars in the making such as Erik Johnson or Nicklas Backstrom, already considered as the legitimate successor of Peter Forsberg. Kings GM Anthony Wyng was the busiest before and during the draft having no less than 5 picks in the first 2 rounds including 1st and 7th OV.

The rest of the draft saw some strange movements, Some coming from the Wild's GM, picking up players outside the radar. Nevertheless, Such moves have already been seen and resulted in foresight voodoo in several cases. Only the future will tell who was right and wrong.

"Flash news": Right after the draft, disturbing whispers came from inside the league. Phil Kessel, 5th overall pick by the Edmonton Oilers had to return home for medical supervision not related to hockey. it has been rumoured something of the main importance just has been discovered in his case... more details to come.

According to CMHL "on the fly", top 3 GMs in this draft were:

  • Los Angeles Kings.

  • Atlanta Thrashers.

  • Edmonton Oilers.

  • (Honourable mention to Anaheim, Toronto, Columbus, New-York Rangers and Buffalo)

Eklund's Corner:

A few Rumours this week; With the new signings giving bigger than nature contracts to several top players, Several GMs are desperately shopping those big numbers to get under the cap without losing the value of the player.

With this in mind, Blues GM has been actively shopping Alex Zhamnov, while Morrow, and Afinogenov are in the same scenario case. Looks like the Panthers want to depart with Stempniak, Rivet and Therrien, it's been said they need top 4 defensemen. Defenseman Colin White, prospects Kostsitsyn and Fehr as well as most of the Toronto line up seems up for grab

Quotes of the week

  • "I'm no magician... explained the new GM. I'm here to win and build a Dynasty nothing less.
    But some of you the medias have to understand a few things about hockey"
    - Florida GM, Ludovic Raynal.


  • "...the next Norris champion will most certainly be Matheiu Schneider. my PP will be tops and i guerentee a division title." - New Jersey GM, Marty.


  • "...It is a pleasure to meet you and sit down with you midget McGuire" - Kings GM, Anthony Wyng


In next week's edition: Movements all over the league, inside the Pacific Division...

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