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Power Rankings (Top 10), "1rst Edition, ongoing season" Written by CMHL Media - November 30th, -0001

Let’s face it: Early-season power rankings are about as telling as that first BCS listing in college football or a preseason poll in college basketball. There are teams at or near the top of the hockey rankings you can’t really believe are there, but because of a fast start, a great power play or tremendous individual performances, are just not fair to ignore. At the same time, it’s hard to believe such teams as Buffalo, Anaheim and Tampa Bay are really going to struggle that much longer before turning fortune around. This is why there’s an 82-game schedule – well, it could be accomplished with fewer regular-season games, but that’s another topic for another day. In any event, here’s the first season's rankings, more or less a snapshot of what’s going on today. But something suggests it won’t stay this way for long:



1. Montreal Canadiens (6-0-1, Previous: -) – Has anyone suggested in honor of the centennial celebration the Habs and mad man Mikey simply won’t lose a game this season?

2. Columbus BlueJackets (6-1-0, Previous: -) – As per Usual, the team is off to a great start. The roster is picture perfect, Lundqvist spent the summer working hard and Eric Staal continues to prove them all why Hockey is genetic...

Edmonton Oilers (5-1-1, Previous: -) – When you get Lang, Iginla and Smyth to combine for 38 points in a mere 7 games, you don t have to look left or right to understand what's goig on.

4. Phoenix Coyotes (4-1-1, Previous: -) – Good news for our friend Gerv. Success doesn't need a loaded squad but rather chemistry and passion. Doan, Stastny, Williams and especially M-A Fleury are driving the car. We all cross our fingers for the talented goaly to keep on going although we also want to see the Heater producing.

5. Atlanta Thrashers (4-2-1, Previous: -) – Not a great sign: The Thrashers are 2nd in the East with poor goaltending and Lupul/nagy as their 1-2 punch. A proof that the weak conference will need some new blood soon enough.

6. Vancouver Canucks (4-2-1, Previous: -) – One of the big questions is how long can they keep this up? The Nucks always had a great roster and strangely, they do not feel the loss of franchise winger Dany Heatley. They work as a group and so win as a group. Good for them.

7. Toronto Maple Leafs (5-2-0, Previous: -) – Don’t jump to any conclusions, but wow! League specialists did gossip about how surprising the leafs could become. but that good a start was no-ones guess, not even for the elite GM and jack adams winner that is Aaron.

8. Ottawa Senators (3-1-3, Previous: -) – We believe Budaj has CMHL Eden Ratings. We simply don't understand how he is producing season after season out of nowhere.

9. Boston Bruins (4-3-0, Previous: -) – And Syd the kid is not even giving his all...

10. Chicago Blackhawks (4-3-0, Previous: -) – New GM changing everything. Who's next to be on the go?

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