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The season starts... NOW! Written by L.Catala - November 30th, -0001

Buffalo is a city located in the US, who used to own a very solid Hockey organization. Ten games into the season, is there anyone playing hockey in town and if so, are they playing for the good team?

Here's an interview with Sabres GM Ludovic Raynal....


Leon Catala (Associated Press): Hi Mr Raynal and thanks for welcoming us.

Ludo Raynal ( Sabres GM): My pleasure Leon.

LC:  Coming into the season, the sabres were tagged as the favourites to take the East. Ten games in, they're almost at the bottom. WHat's wrong.

LR:  We had troubles in defense, a place where we thought we'd be issues free. 2 or 3 games in the season, the phone rang and in order to do anything we needed to move our depth at the blueline.

LC:  Why change something you felt was good? Isn't the philosophy of the team to build from the rear-end?

LR:  The Philosophy of the team is to improve period. Our plan is to ice a powerhouse season after season. In order to do so, we need to make deals.

LC:  But you're jeopardizing the results of your team doing so?

LR:  We are jeopardizing nothing. We're only 10 games into the 82 games season. Better results would have been convenient but what we managed to acquire in that laps of time is priceless. Do you realize we now have one of the best first line of the league, a second line who could be top in most of the league and a franchise talent in Toews on our 3rd line? Markov, Pitkanen at the blue line, Price in net, Incredible talent Nikita Filatov, franson, mikko Koivu, Bieksa in our system? 8 first rounders for the upcoming draft?

LC:  who proved nothing yet...

LR:  But they will. It was not possible for them until now to prove anything. Trades were flying left and right. In order to see results, we will need to build up chemistry starting now.

LC:  Are you saying you are done trading?

LR:  I am never done improving my team, and if a deal presents itself and makes my team a better one, i will do it without hesitation.

LC:  At the expense of the season?

LR:  Season is long, results will follow.

LC:  Well the fans wo't be too happy to hear that.

LR:  The day we will win the title, we hope they'll be so happy they ll forget of the dark couple of weeks they watched on TV. Some teams are in rebuilding mode for 2 to 3 years, our rebuilding mode took 2 weeks. I keep saying it since the last season, this is our year !

LC:  We ccertainly hope so, but we feel sceptical...

LR:  Your loss.

LC:  Well i'd like to thank you for your time. We will talk again in a few weeks and see how it went.

LR:  The beer will be on me then and the shame on you.

LC:  :P

LR:  ...


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