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CHI 5 , WAS 1 Written by The Numbers Game: Chicago Reporter - November 12th, 2008

Blackhawks General Manager Jarri Moosenov had dinner with several of his former players the night before his team went on a second scoring surge. The Hawks Gm has also had a meeting with Defenseman Zdeno Chara because apparently he doesn't take "enough" penalties. More...

Chara's Defensive Partner , Chris Pronger leads the team with 33 PIM but General Manager Jarri Moosenov believes Chara should be ahead of Pronger. "Yeah , why do you think we got Corvo...He's our dawg....our main man when Chris and Zdens takes out the players on the other team. We are really liking the crap we are beating out of these teams!"


There is more to the Chicago Blackhawks than meets the eye. Number One Centre Joe Thornton has shined with Ovechkin. Bernier and Thornton clear the ice for Ovechkin. Ovechkin clears the ice for Thornton. Bernier clears the ice for everybody. In 9 Games , the Hawks stars between Thornton and Ovechkin have 34 Points in 9 Games. 

The Blackhawks performed well under interim Head Coach Don Waddell but General Manager Jarri Moosenov always has a hungry trigger finger and demoted Waddel to a management position and put Former Rangers Head Coach Ron Wilson behind the bench. In a statement Jarri Moosenov said

"We appreciate Don's commitment to making it happen and putting us on the map but if we have someone that's just a change we're good. Say it...Quennville , Waddel OUT ... Wilson in!"



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