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Message from the General Manager Written by Office of General Manager(Chicago) - November 15th, 2008

General Manager Jaroslav Moosenov is back and kicking. an Unfortunate Front Office Change had to be made that added depth to it's rankings... Michael Baran unfortunately had to resign from the office of Assistant General Manager , Peter Truszkowski was immeadiately appointed to the position. But there was another severe blowout in management that I must address immeadiately. 

Earlier today , a League Writer Suggested that we would be moving our talented Swedish Phenomenon's in Henrik and Daniel Sedin. That is simply untrue. They also suggested we are trying to "unload" Henrik and Daniel. The Funny thing is , Daniel and Henrik Sedin are on pace for 75 Points. Your trading for 150 points right there and not to mention the stellar performance of Steve Bernier in the pace few games alternating between the top line and the 2nd Sedin Line. 

I am simply infuriated by the suggestion that Daniel and Henrik are "throw ins" Because they aren't. They are extremely talented hockey players that would only move for Elite Talent Such as themselves. Suggesting again that I'm trying to "unload them" angers me. 

If league writers want to attack my players  , than we can have a bit of a behind the scenes chit chat about your job-sport. I cannot fathom the hole in the lineup we would have if we moved Daniel and Henrik...especially if we did it for shats and giggles which is what people are suggesting.

Once we have the opportunity to  , we will sit down with Daniel and Henrik and we will offer quality contracts , for quality players.

Thank , You. We owe it to our fans to clear it up.

From the Desk of General Manager Jaroslav Moosenov


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Reporter Joe Blow here and according to my calculations the Sedins are on pace for a staggering 92 points combined. But dont worry you are very welcome, I am here to help! Written By: Joe Blow (2008-11-15 08:51:18)

I don't think the Sedins will both hit 75 points. One will, the other will land in the 50-70 point range. I think they actually play better when separated :D

Written By: habsfan93 (2008-11-15 08:50:58)

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