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Power Rankings (Top 10), "2nd Edition, return of the jedis" Written by CMHL Media - November 15th, 2008

This week's edition  witnessed a big player back in contention. Most of the Northeast division is enjoying a shot at getting noticed, while the west loves the drama and getting noticed in the medias.


Without delay, here's this week top 10 with lots of changes and more logic to it.


1. Columbus BlueJackets (13-3-1, Previous: 2) – Their domination is getting scary. The chemistry is out of this world and they are the definition of team's work. Lecavalier, Zetterberg and Staal are talking business... Believe it or not, but Lundqvist isn't even giving his all...

2. Vancouver Canucks (12-2-3, Previous: 6) – They haven t lost a game since our last article and are showing great chemistry since Heatley has been dealt. Turco is playing on his head and with langenbrunner and Sakic leading the way, Lemaire deserves to be happy...


3. Montreal Canadiens (10-3-4, Previous: 1) – Well they finaly lost a game... but man are they playing great hockey. In the toughest division there is, Brodeur and co are doing good if not exceptional.


4. Boston Bruins (10-4-2-1, Previous: 9) – Well, Syd the kid woke up and with him the teamates followed. Big jump for the big bad bruins who dropped only one since our last meeting. Impressive.


5. Edmonton Oilers (10-4-3, Previous: 3) – They used to have their first line going... Now they acquired a piece that scored 4 goals in his first game. Dealing nabokov could have secure a strong spot on the standings...


6. Ottawa Senators (10-4-3, Previous: 8) – Nicely moving up the rankings. Luongo seems to be God on ice. Nobody can doubt the skills of the experienced GM in charge of the team. They are what we wanted to see for a long time.

7. Anaheim Ducks (9-5-3, Previous: None) - My oh my are they back or not. They were at the bottom and now the main attraction of the west. Sasha made a couple of moves that shifted the team. Sometimes, it's not the coach who needs to be fired.

8. Chicago Blackhawks (10-7-0, Previous: 10) – Thornton and Ovechkin are king of the castle. the most impressive duo we've seen in a long time.

9. Florida  Panthers (8-6-3, Previous: none) – They make a well deserved entrance in the top 10. Morrow, Malkin and co are looking at the great play of Mr Labarbera, the reason of the move up. WOW

10. Toronto Maple Leafs (8-6-3, Previous: 7) – It will be hard to remain in the top 10 for the leafs. Luongo being gone, the team turned towards the future adding impressive prospects and elite goaly Pascal leclaire who will fit in nicely for the next decade hoppefully.


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Go JACKETS! Hopefully we can stay on top for a long time to come!

Written By: habsfan93 (2008-11-16 21:02:33) Hopefully Toronto can keep pace and stay in the top ten. We added Straka, an excellent goal scorer the other day, and our defense is playing awesome. LecLaire has played as good if not better than Luongo was playing for us, believe it or not. We just need to find that early season scoring touch again. Written By: Aaron (2008-11-19 10:40:10)

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