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HEATED RIVALRY HEATS UP MORE!!! Written by Anthony Wyng, Dan Ramage - November 20th, 2008

$5 million dollars, two rival GM's, childhood dreams, and a shot at one another.  This is one interview session you will not want to miss as we open up our 1st edition of "CMHL ROUND TABLE!"

::scene opens up to the ROUND TABLE with Lyle Richardson.  Narrator begins to speak::

Narrator: "We are here live, just a day before the Rival San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings go head to head for the third time this season.  GM Anthony Wyng and GM Dan Ramage are in the middle of a heated discussion up at the interview table.  Let's cut in now to see what's  going on!"

DR: "Anthony, your team has no chance against my amazing Sharks!"

AW: "Two losses in a row, things are bound tochange, you know we can play against you!"::in steps CMHL's Lyle Richardson, who stands inbetween GM Dan Ramage and GM Anthony Wyng::

LR: "Gentlemen, please have a seat, we are going to begin this debate/interview now!"::both men sit in seats across from each other, with Lyle Ricahrdson at the round table::

LR: "GM Dan, this is for you! Your Sharks, although you have changed the roster up quite a few times already this season, are very impressive, what do you think the reason for that at this point in the season is?" 

DR: "i think ive found the right mix up front and the defense is playing alot better and were actually scoring some goals.... our special teams have also been the reason why we've improved our record dramatically 6-1-2 in our past 9

 ::GM Anthony Wyng laughs and throws a paper airplane at GM Dan Ramage, who open's the plane up and on it is written: $5 million - PAY UP!  GM Dan Ramage crumbles the paper, looks at GM Anthony Wyng and gives him the finger::

LR: "GM Anthony Wyng, you haven't done much this season to your roster, however, you are a sub .500 club right now..."::GM Anthony Wyng cuts off Lyle Richardson::

AW: "It's all about timing.  Right now, we are in a bad timing phase. Nothing is going right. We can't figure out anything.  Coach Julien knows what to do, and I am not doubting him, however, he really needs to change things up, drastically.  And I hope he does for tomorrow nights game against the ::bleep::ing Sharks!

::GM Dan Ramage laughs at GM Anthony Wyng's response::

DR: "You really think you havea powerhouse, dont you Wyng! You are such  a fool, my Sharks are going to own your Kings all season long!"

::GM Anthony Wyng rises from his seat, and GM Dan Ramage does not step down, rises up and stands right nose to nose with GM Anthony Wyng! Lyle Richardson get's  in the middle again!::

LR: "Gentlemen, please sit down! For fuck's sake!""Ok, GM Ramage, this is for you!  Your team is 10-7-1-1,and on a one game winning streak.  Do you think you come out tomorrow night and just  dominate the struggling Kings?"

DR: "heh...... i could put myself in goal and beat the kings. but in all seriousness we've been successful when we make the other team take penalties and get our grinders under the top players skins, so thats what we plan to do::dan grabs a piece of paper and writes  pay me 5 mill biatch and balls it up and hits wyng right in between the eyes::

LR: "Nothing wrong with that. GM Anthony Wyng....can newly acquired  Sean Avery stand up to the call against San Jose's grinders (as he laughs at AW getting hit in the eye) ?"

AW: "SON OF A ::BLEEP:: ::GM Wyng rubs his eyes as he looks like he is about  to cry:: Avery will destroy anyone who stands in his way.  Who is going to fight him on this weak Sharks team? Guerin? Hammer? Come on now...lets get serious here!"

LR: "Dan, can this Sharks team make the playoffs, and ride all the way to the cup?"DR: "i wouldnt say the cup quite yet still a few kinks to figure out, but yes you should see the sharks once again in the playoffs and the kings doing what they do best... hitting the golf course!"::dan motions the dx crotch chop to gm wyng::

LR: "Wyng, can your Kings bounce out of this slump, and will they be a playoff team? Or, will  they be golfing yet again come Playoff Time?"

AW: "::laughing his ass off:: Dan, your Vagina almost fell out of your pants! Be careful with that  syphalis infested thing. Anyhow Lyle, yes, this Kings team is strong, we are just looking for the perfect combinations.  We didn't win the Silver Medal in the Summer Invitational classic for nothing. It's  just about Chemistry. We will come together as a team, and we will climb the standings and prove that the Invitational classis was no joke!"

DR:  ::dan almost falls off his chair laughing.....:: "haha did u have to look up that comeback on the internet bro... thats pretty weak!"

LR: "So, onto why we are really  here Dan. $5 million dollars is a LOT of money to offer up. Why were you so confident to accept GM Wyng's challenge?"

DR: "i accepted cause i know i have alot better team than him and its an easy 5 mill in my pocket(dan gives gm wyng the finger)

AW: "Dan, EASY $5 mil eh?  Just  wait and see, come tomorrow, your Sharks are DEAD! ::GM Anthony Wyng stands and storms out of the interview area! leaving Lyle Richardson and Dan Ramage on the set alone!::

LR: "Well, it seems as if this interview is over.  Thank you for your time Mr.  Ramage, and good luck tomorrow!"

::GM Anthony Wyng comes running back onto the scene, and smacks Dan Ramage over the head with a chair, then runs off again, throwing up the N.W.O. Wolfpac sign as he runs off.  Scene fades out::

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