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CMHL "On The Fly" Written by Ludo - November 30th, -0001

CMHL "on the fly"


Today in CMHL on the fly:

  • CMHL 2007 season continues...

  • Inside the Northeast Division...

  • Eklund's Corner

Home's hockey night: 40$, Hockey Gloves 100$, Witnessing Zdeno Chara drop them: priceless... Brought to you by Perrier


CMHL 2007 season continues...


The CMHL season continues and some gaps are getting larger. Sens, Islanders, Predators, Habs, Coyotes and Bluejackets are leading the pack with solid results so far.

We've got a bunch of teams chasing the top crew and a lot more spending time at the bottom.

Still surprising are the flames and bruins who doesn't seem to find their chemistry. The Blues are winless in 6 starts and so are the Hawks. The Cinderella story continues about the kings still very close of the 8th place. The Rangers and Caps found new GM's in Mattias and Jordan. Both are well known competitors who will only make the Eastern Conference an harder place to play in. Welcome guys!


Inside the Northeast Division...


They have all the tools to go far. Big names and Great Goaltending. Bet on them. With players like Thornton, Ruutu, Cheechoo, Hossa, Pitkanen and a duo of goaltenders named Kiprussof and Miller, how could you not do well...

Well balanced team with good leadership and good speed. The defense  got talent but the tenders aren't the best in the league. Will Esche hold it together for the future?

Not the most talented ones, but solid Chemistry. Giguere and Arnott are the leaders of this team no doubt. Parise is a great hope for the future... and so are Kopitar, Backstrom, Sergei Kostitsin, Matt D'Agostini. Great Future in the making.

It will be a  long time before seeing a cup in Toronto. Liles is definitely the back bone of this team but beyond him... not much. Let's go Osgood... start doing some miracles.

Nice future for this team. But right now, Gaborik will have to do by himself. Alvaro Montoya is the franchise goaltender of the team. The fans have, at least, a great talented guy to watch in Gabo.



Eklund's Corner

We have to say the 2nd week already saw lot of movements, GM's not wanting to miss their boat and want results right away. In that optic, Florida, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Anaheim and Calgary all play a big part on the trading side. With the goalie wave riding  the last week, Luongo and Nabokov saw themselves switching conferences. Turco, Denis, Weekes are said to be involved in major talks as we are posting this. St Louis could possibly be involved in a lot of deals in the near future... nothing new here... Some Big Names are also rumoured to move very soon... Niedermayer, yes Scott Niedermayer, Marc Savard, and Lubomir Visnovski are the ones involved in those rumours. San Jose is also looking to acquire a top end Goaltender. Martin Erat could also see himself out of Anaheim very soon...



CMHL's standings (week 2)

Rank Team Notes
1 Nashville


The Perfect start Continues (C)
2 Columbus


Western Domination at the top (C)
3 Ottawa


2 Solids wins, they're proving the analyst wrong (S)
4 Montr?al


Still no losses in Regulation. (C)
5 NY Islanders


3 Wins this week... (C)
6 Caroline


2 Shutouts in a row (C)
7 Phoenix


Deserved to be higher than their first week (C)
8 New Jersey


Martin Biron Continues his good play (C)
9 Washington


Still surprising start, eddy eddy !(S)
10 Floride


Lots of changes lately, we'll see (C)
11 Edmonton


6pts... but they are 11th OV... (C)
12 NY Rangers


Big Move up the standings (S)
13 San Jose


Good D, the offense will need to start producing (C)
14 Vancouver


Are not confirming their supposed status... (F)
15 Detroit


Opportunists right now... (C)
16 Pittsburgh


Playing good hockey as of now. (F)
17 Anaheim


Close but no cigar... (F)
18 Buffalo


getting better... (C)
19 Atlanta


From 6th to 19th ouch... (C)
20 Minnesota


Like a rocket...with no fuel. (F)
21 Tampa Bay


Desperately looking for a #1 (C)
22 Dallas


Dormant team... they should have a better future (F)
23 Toronto


Still not much (F)
24 Colorado


new GM taking over, Results coming (F)
25 Los Angeles


Go Kings Go !!!! (C)
26 Philadelphie


Will the season be long? (F)
27 Chicago


I'm losing money... I did bet on them...(F)
28 Saint-Louis


... What can be said... (C)
29 Calgary


Won their first game this week. (F)
30 Boston


0, Zero, Walou, Nada, Niet, Nothing, rien...(F)

in next week edition, Season recap, Inside the Northwest Division, Standings...


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