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Lightning fire Carlyle Written by Laci Bloomers - December 3rd, 2008

It looks like the Randy Carlyle era is over in Tampa Bay.  Carlyle, hired to replace Larry Robinson, who retired from coaching after the playoffs last season, was informed of the organization's decision following the club's 4-3 loss to the New York Rangers earlier today.

Carlyle started on a very promising note, as the Lightning won the First Annual Summer Invitational Classic in August.  Clearly the team overacheived given their record under Carlyle since then.

The club presently sits at an uninspiring 7-12-5-1 record, just 2 points out of the Eastern Conference basement.  This clearly has not impressed GM Dave Normoyle, who simply stated that it appeared that the players were not getting the message that Carlyle was presenting.


"This team has some very talented players, and as individuals and as a team we are underacheiving.  We should be challenging for our Division lead and instead we are languishing around the bottom of the Conference. 

Given the experience level on this club, my conclusion is that the players were clearly not hearing Randy's message.  Based on that, we are prepared to make a coaching change.

Should this trend continue under our new coach, we will look to provide our young, hungry players with considerable more ice time and experience in preparation for next season.  The course of action we take from here on in will be determined by the veterans on this hockey club."

Word has leaked from the Lightning's organization that the club is looking to hire Dave Tippett as their new head coach.  Tippett is well regarded, and would allow his forwards to be less restricted offensively.  Rumor is that the team has filed papers with Head Office and is waiting for final approval. Tippett, pictured below, should be announced in a news conference than the club has scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Expect Tippett to be in place by the end of the week.  Normoyle could step in as the interim coach for tomorrow's game against the Dallas Stars, as the Lightning look to end a 4 game winless streak.

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The Lightning get their man in the end. If my memory serves me right, the Lightning only hired Carlyle because Tippett was taken, no? Or was that a different team I'm thinking of?

Written By: habsfan93 (2008-12-03 12:55:37)

Right you are Mat.  I wanted Tippett back when.  Completely missed where he was fired and only when searching through the coaches today did I see it.

Pretty happy about it, although I must fix the leak in the GMs office that leads to Laci's PC lol.

Written By: lightningbolt (2008-12-03 18:36:58)

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