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You better watch out, You better not cry, Better not pout I'm telling you why... Written by Ludo - December 24th, 2008

  ... Demitra and Nylander are coming to town !

That's right folks, myself and the Sabres Organization, wish you a merry christmas and decided to give you a well deserved gift...



In order to answer some of your concerns after the heart felt departure of superstar Ilya Kovalchuk, the sabres went a step further into their master plan, one that will hoppefully help us reaching our ultimate goal. Now the sabres will be able to line up one of the most impressive pro roster since their CMHL creation. The Kovalchuk trade enabled us to move forward, gather one of the top 3rd line in league's history while reclaiming all the impact of a true star LWer.

Let us have a look at the Kovalchuk trade now:

gone: Kovalchuk, Neil, Bieksa, Kaspar

Coming: Gagner, Lee, Demitra, Nylander, 5th rounder 2010, 1 Million.


While most of you, dear Sabres fans, had a hard time to see the relevance of letting go a franchise player, you continued to trust my work, the reason i will remain in this great organization for a long time. By doing so, you fans gave me the keys to build a solid roster, that can compete now and for the long term in the most challenging League there is on the net.

Here's a look at what will be our product for the next year.

Demitra - Koivu - Alfredsson = 16.74M; one of the most productive line in the CMHL.
Afinogenov - Toews - Vanek
= 3.2M; one of the most cost efficient line of the league.
Tanguay - Nylander - Gagner
= simply one of the best 3rd line ever iced in the league.
Peltonen - laperriere - Laraque
= the heart of the sabres, our energy/defensive line.

Malik - Markov
= most underated top pair in the league.
Pitkanen - Boucher = best productive pair of the team.
Meszaros - O'Brien = overqualified 5th and 6th dmen.

Nabokov +
Price = simply one of the best duo in the league, for the present and more.

This is your team dear fans. One that we hope, will have the best second half of their history, in order to play to their real potential and erase that poor first half.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Ludovic raynal

General Manager of the CMHL's Buffalo Sabres

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