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Half way report Written by Moll - January 18th, 2009
We are now approaching the half way of the season and we can see it have been a disappointing one in New York.

After winning the Stanley Cup last year there was a lot of pressure to repeat.

But like a lot of Stanley cup winner the Islander have problem finding there rhythm. A lot of player are now gone and a lot of player have replace them. Since we are half way to the season let do a report about each of them.

Kovalchuk --- Since joining the Islanders he has been what he was suppose to be a franchise player. Grade: A

Tkachuk ----- The best acquisition so far. He has put a lot of point since joining the Islanders. Grade A

Perry ----- We we're hoping for big things from him. He did a lot of good thing but not enough for what we want. Grade B

Clowe ---- Clowe has taken so many penalties its not even funny. He is still a big part of this club but should have a great NHL rerate at the end of the season. Grade C

Drury ---- He is was he always have been...A decent scorer but not great. We we're hoping for a bit more. Grade B-

Pahlson --- Pahlson is a defensive specialist and he is doing is job. he event score some big goal for us. grade B

Moen ---- He didn't disappoint us for now. He is doing is job and not much more. Grade B-

Ouellet ----- Since joining this team he have help the 3 line to score goal. He has been a pleasant surprise. B

Shelley ---- He doesn't fight, He doesn't hit, He doesn't score...He is worthless. Grade E

Mair--- He was brought just to fill a hole and that what he is doing. Grade - D

Downie --- He is not having a great CMHL start. But will go down to the ICHF very soon. grade C-


Kaberle ---- We are hoping for a lot more for this great defenceman. We need him to step up in a big way in the second part. Grade C

Foote ---- Since joining the Islanders they haven't lost a game. I think he is doing a fine job with us. Grade B

Hainsey ---- Hainsey is a good but unspectacular defenceman. We let him the first pp spot he didn't take it...Will have to do better. Grade C

Schulzt ---- He has been good defensively and event put up some point. He will be the leader of this defence for a long time. Grade B

Ward --- I don't know why i have him. Grade E


Vokoun ---- Is got a .500 record event with a team like the Islanders. Is got a good save percentage too. Grade B

Hiller ---- great job doing the backup. Has step big when needed. Grade A

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