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Playoff Push Presented Written by Anthony Wyng - February 23rd, 2009

The Los Angeles Kings are suddenly in the playoff hunt.  A team, that has not made the playoffs since GM Anthony Wyng has taken post as General Manager, have finally been brought a chance to do so this season.



8:21 p.m,


Los Angeles, California, USA - The Los Angeles Kings playoff hopes are alive and kicking.  With 31 games remaining for the suddenly hopeful Kings, they currently sit in 10th place in the Wild West, only 3 points out of 7th place. 

"It's a wild situation for us, and we really hope to overcome adversity here, and get into that seventh seed and head into the playoffs" said Center Mike Richards.

Now, of course, there is still quite some season left to be played, however, the situation has been set. The Kings need to go four games above .500 in the remaining 31 games (20 wins needed in 31 games) and the Preds and/or Stars need to go four games below .500 in their remaining games. 

Theoretically, it is very possible.  The Kings just need to continue what they are doing, and the goaltending, whoever is called upon, needs to be just a tad above average.  Both goalies need to continue their good play, but make it a bit better.  Both goaltenders also need to hit the .500 mark within the next 15 games in order for this to happen as well.

"It's going to be a team effort, not a one man show" said Goaltender Martin Biron.

"We need to be able to help each other, not fight each other" said Goaltender Dan Ellis. "We are a team, and we need to come together as a team and right this ship" he added.

The team is finally starting to find some balance, and they hope it continues from this point forward.

"It's been disappointing. We have a great coach, a great GM, a great team, and a great organization and we haven't been able to help out anyone or anything.  It's frustrating.  We know we are a playoff calibur team.  It's only a matter of time before things start to kick into high gear. For us, we hope that time is right now." said Center Daniel Briere.

The Kings are 7-1-2 in their last 10 games played. The only loss in their last 10 games came to the hands of St. Louis.  The Kings can make up a ton of ground though over their next four games as they play San Jose, Dallas, San Jose, and Dallas again.

"Not only will the two Dallas games be HUGE for our standing moves and playoff hopes, but the two games against San Jose will be HUGE for the bet and the season series rivalry.  It's 8 potential points that can catapult us into 7th place in the matter of a week.  Is it impossible? Absolutely not!" said coach Julien.

This could be a huge four games, and probably is going to be.  It's a possible 8 points.  8 points gives the Kings a chance to hit 6th or even 5th place by the playoffs.  So who knows!  Let's hope this hot play and hot streak continues.

Until next time...


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Awesome job Anthony!

I've been saying since September that the Kings could make the playoffs this year. You're absolutely right about the next 4 games, mission critical, just one miss and it could spell disaster. Stay on it bud, I'd love to see you in the first round of the playoffs!

Written By: habsfan93 (2009-02-24 11:02:05)

well, that's one HUGE win.  now 2 out of 3 and i'll be thrilled!!!

Written By: Kings-Anthony (2009-02-24 12:19:10)

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