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Phoenix in trouble! Written by Gerv - February 24th, 2009

With Phoenix unable to gain ground in the playoff race, things are heating up for the struggling franchise in the wrong way especially when this franchise as yet to make the playoffs in it's brief tenure in the CMHL.

Phoenix, Arizona -- After the club tied the Dallas Stars with a last minute fleury, the game as left their GM and AGM furious. The media could hear Larouche ripping into the players and the screaming was not pleasant and cannot be repeated here. Larry was even seen holding the GM back after he almost got nose to nose with a player that could not be identified.

"Larouche was in the heat of the moment and watching the game you could see the frustration mounting. He as tried to right a ship that is unable to stay afloat and maybe it's high time to clean house and move the players that no longer want to be here. It seems that the story keeps repeating itself and that the players lack heart and are not willing to play as a group" AGM Larry stated after everything calmed down.

This outburst is the first to come and may not be the last. The club as had Larouche state in the media on several occasion that players that were not willing to play would not be welcomed and it seems that certain players still are not getting the message.

What will happen, no one is sure but one thing is for sure that if Larouche was hoping for the club to pick up at least 8 points out of 10 well it will be tough to come by. Someone even mentioned that we could see a house cleaning before the deadline comes.

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