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Lightning Girls looking for early summer work Written by Laci Bloomers - March 15th, 2009

The Lightning Girls are hoping to catch some work this May and June.  If they have their way, the surging Tampa Bay Lightning will not only make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference but will also make some noise!

Lightning Girls

The teams lovely promotional ladies love how their heros have battled back into the playoff race, currently sitting only a win out of the final playoff spot and only a pair of wins out of 5th place in the conference.


I had a chance today to sit down with three of the Lightning Girls to see what they think will happen the week before the trade deadline and the rest of the season.

LB -Welcome ToniLynn, Cari and Morgan.  Lovely to have you all here.  How long have you each been affiliated with the Tampa Bay Lightning?

Cari - I think I  have been here the longest, about 4 years now I guess.  Morgan is in her 3rd season, and ToniLynn is in, what, your second year?

ToniLynn - Yes, I am in my second season, although I spared the season before I joined full time.

LB - So how do you like the team's chances of making the playoffs?

Morgan - They had such a strange start to the season, going something like 25 games without winning or losing back to back games.  To go over half the season at that time cost them the opportunity to really make a run for their Division title.  They are looking better now though.

Cari - I agree with Morgan.  They looked to be having a tough time gelling, and then when Brind'Amour was picked up everybody seemed to think he would come in and do it all by himself.

ToniLynn - They are finally starting to play like a team.

LB - Which player do you think has made the largest impact since being acquired on the present roster?

ToniLynn - I would have to say -

Cari - Marty Brodeur, without a doubt (looks at ToniLynn and laughs).

ToniLynn - Took the words right out of my mouth.  Not that Tim Thomas was not doing a good job, but Brodeur gives the team arguably the best goaltender in hockey.  He can single handedly steal games for us.

Morgan - I think Marty is just getting back to feeling healthy again.  He seemed to be playing through some discomfort when he first got here, although he would never admit it.

ToniLynn - Brind'Amour and Holik have really helped as well.  Holik has scored a lot of goals for us lately.

LB - What is your favorite part of your job?

Morgan - Definately getting to mingle with the fans.  When we do appearances and signings we get large turnouts.

Cari - It is great to be able to help market hockey here in Tampa Bay.  We have the best of both worlds, an exciting sport like hockey to work in and the beaches to spend our spare time at.

LB - You are obviously all fans of hockey.  Do you pay much attention to trade talk and what the GM is doing with the team?

Morgan - I probably pay more attention to that then they do, because I grew up around hockey.  The business side of the sport interests me, so I always have an eye out for what the GM is doing.

LB - Do you expect the club to make any major deals at the deadline?

Morgan - I think Normoyle will certainly try to get something sone with the extra Cap that he will have to improve the club.  The management here definately feels this is a playoff club.

LB - Where do you think they could use the most help?

ToniLynn - Bigger mirrors in the change rooms would be nice.  (all three ladies laugh)

Morgan - I think they could use another forward who can score to make them tougher to check against, but I guess most teams would like to have that.  Although if Jeff Friesen fits in that may help alot too.

LB - Any predictions for the rest of the season, ladies?

Cari - It will definately depend on where they finish.  Carolina has played them tough all season, so they might do better if they match up against Ottawa or Philadelphia.

Morgan - I think if they can get up to 5th or 6th in the Conference they could surprise some teams.

LB - Let's hope you are right.  Thank you ladies, and good luck the rest of they way for you as well.




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