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Lidstrom Crosses the Hallway as Blue Jackets Take On Devils in Home and Home Series Written by habsfan93 - March 24th, 2009

Nicklas Lidstrom found out late on Sunday night that he'd been traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets. He said he'd pack his bags and be on the flight in the morning. He was told not to bother...

The Blue Jackets head to New Jersey tonight to take on the Devils in a home-and-home series, the only time these teams face off against each other this season. Luck should have it then that the series is occurring only one day after a blockbuster trade deadline deal between the two teams that sent Nicklas Lidstrom to the Blue Jackets for Dmitri Kalinin, Greg Campbell and Nick Foligno.

Lidstrom will head to the Prudential Centre tonight but he won't be going to his usual dressing room. No, tonight he'll be a visitor as he gets used to new teammates looking for an edge on how to beat his old teammates.

"Its definitely an advantage. I mean, its like we had spy in their dressing room all season long, and now that we have to play them, he crosses back over and dishes out the dirt. I can't see how it wouldn't help us!" - Francis Bouillon, D


Lidstrom was interviewed about the trade this morning as he cleaned out his locker and moved across the hall. "You know, I feel really good about the trade. Marty (Devils GM) is a great guy, and I enjoyed my time here in Jersey. But my goal has and is always to win a Cup in the CMHL, and we all know that the Jackets have had success getting to that stage. Now hopefully this year, we can go in there and seal the deal. I think I can help them with that."

When asked about the deep Swedish contingent on the team, Lidstrom seemed quite excited. "I've been told that I'll be lining up with Kim Johnsson. I really like that, I've played with Kim before in international play and he's a really talented guy. Any chance you can connect with your linemates on a more personal level, that chemistry comes in really quick. Then you've got Zetterberg and Lundqvist and Ehrhoff, that helps get accustomed to the team. This team is so talented, I can't think of a better place to play."


GM habsfan93 was questioned about what led to picking up Vyborny and Lidstrom.

"Well, you know I announced that I wouldn't be making any moves in the 3 weeks leading up to the deadline..and I didn't. I used that time to evaluate the team and we did really well. We've put ourselves back on the top of the league with a really good run of wins. But I still felt like we could be better. So I starting talking to some of the other GM's just to get a read on the market. I wanted to add without substracting.

I felt that Smithson has been playing well, but that we could do better at that position. Vyborny has already indicated that this is his last go round - he'll be returning to Europe next season. This gives him a shot at a Cup and we think he brings good defensive awareness with a little more offense than Smithson was giving us.

When I found out Lidstrom was available, I had to ask because you can't ignore an impact player like Lidstrom. Marty drives a hard bargain. He wanted young players that were CMHL-caliber now. We liked Kalinin a lot, but unfortunately this was a numbers game, and as the highest paid defenceman on the team, he was the only way we could acquire Lidstrom. And at the end of the day, we decided we wanted Nik on the blueline more than Kalinin. Greg Campbell and Nick Foligno are great players, but we don't think thel'll ever be more than talented 3rd or average 2nd liners and we think we have several guys in the farm who could jump into that role next year, most notably Dave Bolland, Chris Stewart and Tomas Fleischmann.

As for who is going to take Campbell's spot in the lineup for the rest of the year, we're going to give Chris Stewart a couple of games to see how he fares at this level and then, its expected that we're going to call up Tomas Fleischmann for the rest of the season, probably at the end of the week. Tomas did really well as an injury replacement for 3 games earlier this year, putting up 2 goals and an assist and so he's earned the spot for the last 15 games."


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Ehrhoff is a Swede? Since when?

Good article, though :)

Written By: Erik (2009-03-24 12:57:03)

Hmmm....upon further review, Ehrhoff is German.

Swedish, German...they're all Europeans! :D

Written By: habsfan93 (2009-03-24 13:53:39)

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