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The East is Nuts!!! Written by Larth Catala - March 26th, 2009

  Take your time, slow down and enjoy what is happening in the CMHL this season.

The West is almost set, but the East has been a treat to watch. We tried to get a few minutes with Bob Hartley, unconditional choice of Ludovic Raynal as the caoch and driver of this team to the end...




L.C: First of all, thanks for joining us in those crazy times, we know your schedule is full.

B.H: No prob.

L.C: You managed to get back on track after some bumpy rides. To what do you think are due your recent and short succcess.

B.H: Alex Kovalev.

L.C: ?

B.H: Since Ludo acquired Alex, the team found an effective second line, one that is now contributing as much as the first. It brings that much needed depth that allows us to compete nights after nights.

L.C: Nabokov is having a hard time though

B.H: He is not at the level we want him to be. We entertained the idea of calling up Carey price but Nabby is a veteran player and we still hope he gets his groove back.

L.C: The defense has been upgraded recently, as it helped?

B.H: Yes and no. Aucoin brings a lot but Kaberle, who was a very important piece in our plan, is having mixed results. We tried to base our defense on the Bluejackets; passing, Puck control and 3 good pairings.

L.C: The media are hanging to see every results, to see what will happen in the East. every gamedays. How can you live through it?

B.H: I can only control one team and it is ours. Everything else is faith or luck. The Devils, the Lightning and the others are in the same situation. I don't really look at what s going on. I just want us to win.

L.C: But still, who do you think is your biggest competition for a spot?

B.H: I'd say the lightning, Devils, Caps and Demitra...

L.C: DO you check the West sometimes?

B.H: Not as much as i used to, It's pretty boring out there.

L.C: Well thanks for those few minutes and good luck.

B.H: /leaving quickly

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