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CMHL Award Winners Wrap-Up Written by habsfan93 - June 7th, 2009

The CMHL Awards were announced today in grand style as the players, coaches and GM's convened at CMHL Headquarters for the ceremony.

Find out who won, who didn't and who should have!

As many expected, Joe Thornton of the Chicago Blackhawks was the big winner on the evening, taking home four pieces of hardware including the Hart Trophy, Art Ross Trophy, Lester B. Pearson Award and the Selke Trophy. Thornton put up a magical season in which he fell just a few points shy of the CMHL record for points in a season. As a result, the Art Ross Trophy came as no surprise. But the other awards, a little more so. Marty Turco was expected to put up big competition for the Hart Trophy, but at the end of the day, Thornton took home 63% of the vote. Turco took in most of the rest of the votes, although long shot Pavol Demitra did get his name on the voting board with support from a couple of voters.

The Selke Trophy wasn't quite as much of a runaway, but Thornton still managed to take home just over 50% of the votes, while Alfredsson and Hunter split the remainder pretty evenly. Finally, a number of players who had outstanding seasons including Turco, Modin, Ovechkin, Jagr, Zetterberg and Svatos received recognition in the Lester B. Pearson voting, but Thornton received the award with just over 60% of Lester B. Pearson votes.


On the backend, Chris Pronger of the Montreal Canadiens won his 3rd Norris Trophy in 5 CMHL seasons today, receiving 63% of the vote. Sami Salo and Scott Hannan each received just under 20% of the vote. This one wasn't much of a surprise, and with this award, Pronger undoubtedly establishes himself as THE premier defenceman in the CMHL.


The three goalies up for the Vezina Trophy were all expected to put up quite the fight. Niklas Backstrom and Henrik Lundqvist put up stellar numbers, but didn't have quite the games played as Marty Turco who set a new CMHL record with 51 wins. In the end, CMHL voters went with wins over stats and gave the award to Marty Turco of the Vancouver Canucks who received 59% of the vote.


In one of the only runaway awards of the night, Nicklas Backstrom of the Calgary Flames won the Calder Trophy as Rookie of the Year. Backstrom led the Flames in scoring, and led the nominees in voting as he received just under 75% of the vote. RJ Umberger received most of the remaining votes, while Daniel Girardi drew the support of one lucky voter.


Two awards came down to the final vote - in the first of these, Henrik Zetterberg of the Columbus Blue Jackets won the Lady Byng Award by one, yes that's right, one vote over Zach Parise of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Together, the two players accounted for 93% of the votes, while Marco Sturm made up the remaining 7%. Although Parise had slightly less penalty minutes on the season, it seems voters chose to reward Zetterberg higher point totals.


Finally, to no one's surprise, after posting the best single season record in CMHL history, GM Canucks of the Vancouver Canucks was awarded the Jack Adams Trophy, receiving 59% of the vote. AsmodeanReborn was the runner-up, receiving a few more votes than bsawchuk.



Moving on to the GM awards, the Kookaranian Award for Trading Ability was awarded to Phoenix Coyotes GM Gerv, who received 62% of the vote. TB GM lightninbolt was the runner-up followed by mikeyevil. Gerv's trading success recently led to a surprise appearance in the Western Conference Semi-Finals after a shocking upset over the Canucks.


The Grizzlygoalie Award for Decision-Making Ability was awarded to Carolina Hurricanes GM AsmodeanReborn, who received 48% of the vote. This could have been a close one, but voters could not decide on a runner-up as nominees Rochebag and Canucks evenly split the remaining votes, each receiving 26% of the vote.


The Jay Award for Passion and Intensity was awarded to Edmonton Oilers GM Oilerfan4life, who received 48% of the vote in what was a very tight race. Runner-up Kings-Anthony received only 2 votes less, while Nashville GM Rye was not able to garner much support.


I mentioned previously that two awards came down to a final vote - the other was the AsmodeanReborn Award for League Activity and Presence, which was finally awarded to Tampa Bay Lightning GM lightningbolt. Runner-up habsfan93 just couldn't muster up that final vote, while PIT GM Spicy received 7% of the vote.


And finally, the M3 Award for Submitting Lines was awarded to Chicago Blackhawks GM Hawky, who received only one vote more than hgimn, habsfan93 and Kings-Anthony. Every nominated GM received at least one vote for this award.


To wrap things up, the ICHF Awards were given out with relatively little in the way of surprises.

TJ Hensick (left) of the Islanders received the Hart Trophy with 56% of the vote.

Ville Koistinen of the Avalanche received 67% of the vote to take home the Norris Trophy.

Justin Pogge of the Senators was a no brainer and received 78% of the vote for the Vezina Trophy - Pogge had the biggest majority win of the awards ceremony.

Matt Beleskey of the Islanders received the Lady Byng Award with 67% of the vote.

And finally, GM quackquack of the Anaheim Ducks was named ICHF GM of the Year in receiving the Jack Adams Trophy with 63% of the vote.


Congratulations to all the winners!!

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