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Power Ranking ''first edition'' Written by Ludo - November 25th, 2009

Ladie and Gentlemen, the results are in.The GMs have voted.
Here's your first Power Rankings decided by you, for you...



1- Phenix

With their best start in history and  the strongest in the CMHL this year, the coyotes are the logical choice at number 1 in those rankings.
The well balanced defense and strong goaltending allowed them to reach a level where the word teamwork take all its sense. Gervais Larouche proves to be a solid GM always looking to improve both in youth and talent this team.

2- New Jersey.

They are turning things around and we can't be happier for their GM. Marty is one of the back bone in the CMHL but never had a lot of luck until now.
With the same approach, a better suited program makes him justice. Watch for him for the long run.

3 - Washington.

there is a tendency here. Chemistry.
Well surrounded by veterans, good line thinking allows good results. Without being the most impressive on paper, the Capitals definitely are in stats.

4- Anaheim.

For the past 3 seasons, Sasha manages to ice one of the best team. lot of skills, lot of youth, Anaheim proves to be a force and looking at it, they will be for a long time. Someone to take advice from.

5- Buffalo

Second best record in the league, some struggle against the Leafs made them lose some places when the opinion of the league was required.
Brodeur proves to be the smart choice in net and the top 3 lines are as balanced as can be. With a solid and young defense, they could go far. Let's see what happens when the schedule opens to the whole league.

6- Vancouver

7- Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay
Columbus !?
13- NY Rangers
St Louis

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