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Survey indicates Articles are Down in 09-10 Written by Laci Bloomers - January 5th, 2010

A survey of CMHL followers has returned with some discouraging facts - articles around the CMHL are way down this year.

Introduced last season as a cash incentive for the league, it was a huge hit as some teams earned a gazillion dollars.  this season, it seems that GMs in the league simply do not want to earn extra dough, never mind sharing their team news with the rest of the league.

On a personal note, many of the great CMHL fans, while taking the survey, wondered where the intuitive Laci Bloomers' articles about the Tampa Bay Lightning had gone.  Some were concerned that Lightning GM Dave Normoyle may have fired me as a cost cutting measure in the summer, others were concerned that I was not writing because the Lightning had sucked so badly this season.  I am pleased to say that it is not either of those reasons.

During the 2nd Annual Invitational Classic, while having a refresher in the private box of - well, it doesn't matter - I accidentally had my foundation make-up case slam on my typing finger on my right hand, severely damaging it.  GM Normoyle was so sweet about it.  He kissed and sucked away to make me feel better, then insisted that I take some time off, with pay, to make sure it was properly healed.  He said he would feel better if the team just paid me rather than have it reported to the authorities.

So, I have been rehabilitating my typing finger on my right hand all winter, and I think things are looking just fine.

I am ready to come back and write more articles for the Lightning, and just in time as they are getting hot, hot, hot!

As for the rest of the league, the fans of the CMHL want to see more information about their teams being shared by the GMs.  They want to know what the GMs think of their teams, and other teams.  Especially how the Chicago Blackhawks have gone in the toilet since that girl took over.  They say that girls can't really run hockey teams!  Heck, they even said they wanted to know more about spicey's Mom!!

So, join hands with me (but don't squeeze my typing finger too hard) and lets give the fans what they want!

- Laci Bloomers -

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On a side note, I'm impressed at Dave's devotion to his employees - I wonder if his wife is equally impressed with all the sucking ;)

Written By: habsfan93 (2010-01-06 07:19:16)

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