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Atlanta 2010 Trade Deadline review Written by ATLsimon - March 21st, 2010

Once again, change comes to Atlanta

Here is a breakdown of all of the Atlanta Thrashers changes at this years deadline:


trade #1

with Atlanta's FO % at or near the bottom of the league all year we brought in a proven face off guy to anchor the 4th line. Kolanos was having a pretty decent year in Detroit and we hope he can be a worthwhile addition to the team next season. giving up just a 5th round pick makes this deal worthwhile, even if Kolanos doesn't pan out.


trade #2

Kovy was NOT going to be re-signed so dealing him was top priority for GM Heald. his $6.25M salary was also a good reason to move him. Kovalev is one of the top rated snipers in the league so finding someone to take him was not a big concern for Heald, finding value for him though WAS a concern. getting a useful player in Kennedy, a highly rated prospect in Dalpe and a 1st round selection for 2011 (where we did not have one) was exactly what the organization was hoping for. very happy with this deal!


trade #3

Sutherby could not show his true worth in Atlanta so moving him was necessary. another free agent who was more than likely gonna end up elsewhere for seaon 7. finding a useful player in Staubitz and an upgrade in picks gives GM Heald more options when the entry draft comes.


trade #4

Guerin was acquired in the Kovalev deal to even out the salary exchange, he was not a player GM Heald was planning to keep around. when COL came calling looking for an upgrade at the winger position it was sweet relief that this salary could be moved. acquiring Walker was a necessity to make the deal progress although GM Heald retains the right to deal him back to COL during the off-season. we acquire a player in Dorsett that should be ready for S7, a project in Froshaug, $2M in cash that offsets the cash traded to PIT for Kovalev and a 6th rounder that could become pure gold if COL makes it to the CMHL finals (Go COLORADO!)


trade #5

this deal was made for two reasons. #1 shed salary...#2 Devereaux is quite possibly in his last year so keeping him was not a good idea. very happy to get good value for him


trade #6

Staois is a pending UFA who was not going to be in Atlanta next season. excellent value comes back in the 2nd round selection.


All in all, a very good trade deadline day for the Atlanta organization. some good draft picks are acquired, lots of salary has been traded away, a couple pretty good prospects join the Thrashers and a number of useful players primed for S7 will be wearing Atlanta colours.



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