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Leafs Hit 100 Points As Doan Debuts In Toronto Written by StajanFan - March 23rd, 2010

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been one of the best teams all season. But today, as the Maple Leafs won their 48th game in 65 games, they became the fastest in CMHL history to hit 100 points.


Shane Doan Debuts for Maple Leafs

Shane Doan had a rather impressive debut for Toronto,

but it was quickly ovrshadowed by the team's record

setting win over 2nd place Washington Tuesday night.




The season of the Maple Leafs has been very impressive, even to GM StajanFan, who expected to be competing for the division and conference title, but even he didn't expect to be this good.

"The season we are having really is amazing. We are on pace to break all sorts of all records, and broke the record for fastest team in history to reach 100 points in a season. But no one expects to be this good, record setting good. Is is a tribute to the players and the leadership we have throughout the team and the coaching staff, who is the best in the league as far as I'm concerned."

Last year the Vancouver Canucks had the best regular season in CMHL history, break all sorts of team and league records, and most if not all the GM's thought it would be next impossible to ever match a regular season like they had. They went on a tear in the last 10 games to finish 1st in the West ahead of annual powerhouses Anaheim and Columbus. The Canucks finished with 57 wins and 123 points, good for a .750 winning percentage. Their goaltender Marty Turco finished with 51 wins, 4322 minutes played in 74 games, topping Luongo (who was 2nd in both categories) by 5 wins and 135 minutes played. Also, Ducks goalie  Niklas Backstrom posted the best goals against average and save percentage ever, a 2.17 GAA and .914 SP, numbers that are simply amazing in itself.

The Leafs right now after tonight's 5-1 win against 2nd place Washington, sit with a .774 winning percentage. They have 48 wins in 65 games. They are on pace to finish the season with 126 points and 61 wins, both would be league records. Goalie Pascal LecLaire, who unless has a complete meltdown in the final 17 games, is on pace to smash almost every record in the books. LecLaire already has 48 wins and has played 3927 minutes (every single minute played by Toronto) in 65 games, both on pace to destroy Turco's previous records. LecLaire is also putting up all world personal numbers, as he boasts a 2.02 GAA and 921 SP, and his GAA has been below 2 for much of the year. Both numbers would smash the previous records. What makes the numbers even more is that his 48 wins are three more than Nabokov's, and LecLaire has played in 3 less games. His 2.02 GAA is miles ahead of the next best, M.A. Fleury, who has a 2.34 GAA. And his .921 SP is much further ahead of the next best, Nabokov's, who has a 912 SP.

"The season our team is having, and LecLaire, who in just his second full season as a starter is putting up record numbers, we couldn't ask for anything more. I am proud to say I am General Manager of this team, I believe this is the best team I have ever had, better than the team I had in Chicago with Crosby, Ovechkin, Lidstrom, and Khabibulin leading the way. We have the same type of core with Demitra, Hejduk, Gonchar, and LecLaire here in Toronto" said GM StajanFan after his team's latest win over the Capitals Tuesday night.

Playoff are where everything counts, but the fact that this team 2 seasons ago was the worst team in the league, won the draft lottery but didn't even own their own draft pick, and had no core of players worth building around and no bluechip prospects coming up the pipeline, is a testament to all the long hours day in and day out that the management staff puts in. To see a team come from nothing to Cup contender and a team that is now starting to break league records, we could not be more proud of the team that has been built here.

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