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Selanne/Kariya reunited a mile high Written by Seymour Buttz - August 28th, 2010

It took a lot of time and a lot of money, but the Colorado Avalanche set out on a rebuilding plan that has garnered them some notoriety. As one of the first moves they made in the summer, the avalanche acquired LW star forward Paul Kariya, today they completed their mision by signing his long time buddy and former linemate Teemu Selanne.

In a stunning move, the Avalanche have doled out some cash this summer, signing Selenne to a 1 year 4.1 million dollar deal in hopes that the team can gain some scoring prowess, something sorely lacking in this city for far too long. Selanne says his decision was swayed by the fact that long time friedn Paul Kariya was already aboard. "It certainly was a big factor in me signing in Colorado. We are hoping to reignite the energy and scoring touch we once had, and hopefully can bring this team to the promised land."

Avs GM Sentinel20 had this to say on his off season signings. "I realize that we have thrown around a lot of money this summer, and bringing in two quality free agents in Selanne and Holmstrom makes our team a force. Did we overpay for both?Thats a matter of opinion, we knew we needed to get some real quality guys in here and knew that would take money. We had the cap space so i didnt feel it was going to be a deterent really, i really wanted to make a statement this year that this team has arrived."

Also added to the mix this summer is free agent LW Vaclav Prospal who signed a 1 year $1.5 million deal. It is unlcear where he might fit into the mix right now, but one thing is sure, the Avalanche have the most solid group they have ever had entering a season since Sentinel20 took over, and he claims hes not necessarily done.

"We still have a few options available to us and we will explore all of them. We are pretty close to cap now so we have to make some final decisions now on different guys, but i feel confident all these issues will work themselves out, they always seem to have a way of doing that."

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I think that our Division will be a force for sure this year... Could all of us make the playoffs? With this great pairing, and my pairing of Vinny, and St.Louis we will definately be at the very least harder to play then last year. Great work thus far Bill!



Written By: Minnesota Wild GM (2010-08-28 12:08:55)

Looking good in Colorado! I think the Avs could be heading for a second straight year in the playoffs.

Written By: habsfan93 (2010-08-30 17:32:23)

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