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Sabres Overhaul almost over? Written by koopaclassic - September 5th, 2010

No one in the Sabres organization has been safe this off season since new general manager koopaclassic has came around it appears as if he is almost done with all his changes to his team and with that we will look at his team going into season 7.


The Buffalo Sabres this off season had gotten rid of 8 out of there top 10 scorers and arguably the best goalie in the league do they actually think they can do better this season then last?

Buffalo Sabres

Season 6: 57 - 22 - 3 (4th in Conference , 2nd In Divison)

GMs Outlook : This year we went out with the old and in with the young 4 out of our top 6 forwards are age 25 or under and we have Marc Staal and Brent Seabrook leading the youth movement on defense


Currently Projected Season 7 Roster:
 Players in BoldRookies in Italics)

Ponikarovsky - Toews - Tanguay

Pouliot - Staal Raymond

Winchester - Belanger - Kennedy

Ponikarovsky - Laparierre - Orr


Chara - Seabrook

Staal - Streit

Belak - Cullimore




Team Philosophy: Hard Nosed : We believe this year with having players like Ponikarovsky , Laparierre , Orr , Chara , Winchester , Belak , Cullimore we will make other teams hurt when they come to play us . Our top 6 forwards don't need to worry about having goons after them as not even the CIA could touch our top 6 without getting hurt 


Youth Movement: We have piled up on picks for this ars up coming draft having 7 in the 1st 3 rounds and most of our important players are here to stay for a long time and will be effective the whole time there here.


Outlook on Season 7: Jeremy Collins knows that team's can not get chemistry over night so he sees this as a coming together year and in season 8 they shall be ready to rock and roll and win the stanley cup!

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