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CMHL "On The Fly" Written by L. Catala - November 30th, -0001
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CMHL "on the fly"


In the Next CMHL "on The Fly"...


I will be conducting a power ranking (not overall standing which is the real overall standings of the league) but you will be the ones who determine the actual ranking.

Only a Top 10 will be "required" of you. Plz List them in the actual order you want them to eventually show up.

1/San Jose

You have to take into account:
The actual rosters, the talent on the teams, their performances, the management and the Style !

I will put the results on the site. I'm counting on your help with this and will need at least 15 GM's to do the list in order for it to be valid.

With any chance, I will post the results with an in depth analyze of the top 10 in a special "CMHL on the Fly" edition for the all star break.

Thanks in advance for those who will do it, and stay tuned for the others :)

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