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Q&A with:Kyle Cumiskey Written by Seymour Buttz - October 26th, 2010

Throughout the 2010-11 CMHL season i will be conducting a series of interviews with Avalanche players. In the first of the series we will be speaking with young Avs dman Kyle Cumiskey

Seymour Buttz: What has your experience been like since joining the Avalanche late last season?

Kyle Cumiskey: It has been wondeful. The organization has treated me so well and im very excited about the coming season, this is a very solid team from top to bottome and think we can really compete.

SB:You have managed to nab a top 6 spot on the defence this season, how exciting is it to be up with the big club and what are your personal goals for this season

KC:Well obviously i want to contribute in any way i can. There will be a learning curve, thats to be expected but i have learned so much already through training camp and in the pre season, and i think that i can be a solid defenceman for this team this year.

SB:Who has been your biggest influence through camp? Anyone take you under their wing?

KC: Really everyone has. This is quite a veteran laden team so there are lots of guys who have great leadership qualities. Me and Mike (Del Zotto) are the only young d men so everyone else has beesn so helpful. Id say Matt Carle and Mattias Ohlund have been the ones who have really stepped up and made me feel welcome

SB:Your defence partner it appears will be ANdrew Ference, how do you get along with him and has he been a guy that has also taught you a lot?.

KC: Oh of course, he has been awesome. Im more of an offensive guy and hes the rock solid defensive guy so we blend well. I know if someone messes with me though he will take care of it.

SB:What do you foresee for this team in the 2010-11 season?

KC:Well unfortunately i dont have a crystal ball so its tough to say. We have a great group here and i think maybe one of the top 5 teams in terms of talent and skill in the league, but it all comes down to how we execute what the coach is trying to tell us. Talent doesnt win games anymore its hard work and how dedicated we all are.

SB:How do you get along with the head coach?.

KC:Paul (Maurice) is a great guy. He really lets us experiment on the back end. If we pinch and get caught obviously we will be punished but he will allow us to go back out there again. He has so much confidence in this group and its nice to have that kind of coach on your side.

SB: Finally, what is the one thing you have learned that has made you a better hockey player?

KC. Id have to say not to try and do too much. As a young hockey player and finally getting a shot at playing at this level thee is a tendency to do too much to impress the coaching staff, but keep the game simple. Get back to the little things that have made you successful to this point. I tried to do too much last year in the ICHF and i think it cause me to lose a year in CMHL because of that, but ive learned from my mistaes now and am ready to go this year.

SB:Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, and i wish you good luck for the coming season

KC:Thanks, anytime.


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