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Rangers Prospects Written by Rangers-Ryan - January 10th, 2011

The New York Rangers had a lot of draft picks to spend last season, lets take a look at the prospects in the current system.

Rangers top 20 prospects Rating Grade (Draft Pick,Year)

Over the course of the next few days I will be going in order doing a summary of the players abilities.


HM Justin Taylor (NR) (Drafted 180thOverall, 2007)
Projection: Bust

HM.Alexander Bourrett 6.0 D (Drafted 10th Overall, 2005)
Projection: Bust

HM.Ryan Button 6.0 D (Drafted 66th Overall, 2009)
Projection: ?

HM.Prab Rai 6.5 C (Drafted 124thOverall, 2008)
Projection: ?

HM.Matt Mackenzie 6.5 C (Drafted 104thOverall, 2010)
Projection:5/6 Defenseman

HM.Mattias Modig 6.5 C (Drafted 138thOverall, 2007)
Projection: Back Up Goalie

20.Will Weber 6.0 B (Drafted 64th Overall, 2007)
Projection: 7th Dman

19.Corey Trivino 7.0 D (Drafted 37th Overall, 2008)
Projection:Minor League Center

18.Jakub Culek 7.0 D (Drafted 74th Overall, 2010)
Projection: 3rd Line Center

17.Konrad Abeltshauser 7.0 D (Drafted 91st Overall, 2010)
Projection: Bottom 4 D

16.Mark Olver 7.0 D (Drafted 127thOverall, 2008)
Projection: Minor League Center

15.Tyler Beskorowany 7.0 D (Drafted 77th Overall, 2008)
Projection: Minor League Goalie

14.Akim Aliu 7.5 D (Drafted 43rd Overall, 2007)
Projection: 3rd Line Right Wing

13.Travis Hamonic 7.5 D (Drafted 43rd Overall, 2008)
Top 4 D

12.Tommy Cross 7.0 C (Drafted 50th Overall, 2007)
Projection: Bottom 4 D

11.Carl Klingberg 7.0 C (Drafted 31st Overall, 2009)
Projection: 2nd/3rd Line Winger

10.Matt Hackett 7.0 C (Drafted 75th Overall, 2009)
Projection: Back Up Goalie

9.Teemu Pulkinnen 7.0 C (Drafted 39th Overall, 2010)
Projection:1st/2nd Line Winger

8.Michael Grabner 7.5 C (Drafted 15th Overall, 2006)
Projection:1st/2nd Line Winger

7.Calvin Pickard 7.5 C (Drafted 37th Overall, 2010)
Projection: Starting Goalie

6.Marcus Johannsson 7.5 C (Drafted 29th Overall, 2009)
Projection:Second Line Center

5.Alexander Urbom 7.5 C (Drafted 99th Overall, 2009)
Projection: Top 4 D

4.Bobby Sanguinetti 7.0 B (Drafted 18th Overall, 2006)
Projection: Top Four D

3.Kirill Kabanov 8.0 D (Drafted 23rd Overall, 2010)
Projection:1st line Right Wing

2.Alexander Burmistrov 8.0 C (Drafted 13th Overall, 2010)
Projection: 1st Line Center

1.Sergei Bobrovsky 7.5 C (Signed as Free Agent, 2010)
Projection: Starting Goalie

Position Breakdown

Carl Klingberg
Teemu Pulkkinen

Justin Taylor 
Prab Rai
Corey Trivino
Jakub Culek
Mark Olver
Marcus Johannsson
Alexander Burmistrov

Alex Bourret
Akim Aliu
Kirill Kabanov

Ryan Button
Matt Mackenzie
Will Weber
Konrad Abelthauser
Travis Hamonic
Tommy Cross
Alexander Urbom
Bobby Sanguinetti

Mattias Modig
Tyler Beskorowany
Matt Hackett
Calvin Pickard
Sergei Bobrovsky

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