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Third time the charm Written by Seymour Buttz - March 3rd, 2011

In one of the more curious moves of the season, the underachieving Colorado Avalanche brought in 42 year old veteran Mark Recchi. However, this story seems to have a feel good angle to it. It makes little sense for a team currently out of playoff contention to bring in a veteran with only a few months left on his contract and very little gas left in the tank, yet to here Recchi this is like winning the Stanley Cup

Having played for the Colorado Avalanche on two previous occassions, Recchi made the decision to ask the New York Islanders for a trade and since his career is winding down, he felt that going to familiar territory would be appropriate.

"I know i dont have a lot of time left and i also know that currently this team is not in the playoffs, but i just felt that i wanted to finish off in a place thta i have a lot of respect for and a team that treated me well on two previuos stops here. It may not make sense for Colorado to pick me up considering where they are situated in the standings, but im certainly glad they did"

Recchi has always been a class act, and the Avalanche are hoping that Recchi can add a little to the team as they head towards the end of the season. The playoffs are not yet out of the question but with each new loss the chances are becoming slimmer, yet Recchi says that sometimes its not all about winning.

"Ive won the Cup, ive been on good teams and bad teams and every kind in between and when you have been around as long as i have, you eventually learn its not about the wins and losses, its about going where you are content, and Colorado has given me that opportunity"

When questioned on whether or not there may be hockey in Recchi into his 43rd year he replied "Ive learned to never say never. It depends how i feel going forward and in that way this team missing the playoffs could be a benefit to me as it would give me time to rest my body and see how i feel after some R and R"

The Avalanche on Thursday dealt minor league forward Matthew Pistili and their 6th round pick in the 2012 draft to the New York Islanders for Recchi and Buffalos 5th in 2012. It may ssem like a lot to give up for the oldest player in the game, but as GM Sentinel20 says

"We wanted to give Mark piece of mind. Lets face it, there is a very good chance we wont make playoffs, with that being the case what does it matter if we do a favour for both the islanders and a very classy vet like Recchi. He still has something to prove and we hope he enjoys whatever time he has left in this game"

The Avs GM even suggested there could be a contract offer in the summer if Recchi chooses to come back "Its not out of the question, but we have to get our house in order first"

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Written By: Gerg (2011-03-07 18:15:56)

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