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Sedin signs! Written by Nomis Dleah - August 31st, 2011
Elite sniper inks a 2 yr deal...

It is confirmed that Daniel Sedin has signed on the dotted line for 2 more years in Winnipeg. In a bizarre twist, Sedin actually came to Jets management with a demand that was out of left field and in an even crazier turn of events, GM Heald actually wanted to pay Sedin MORE MONEY than Sedin was asking for!!

how can this be???

It appears Daniel was so distraught over his self proclaimed "disappointing last season" that he asked to be paid less than he made last year in an effort to prove his committment to the Jets organization. He went on to say, sources tell us, that he was looking forward to a mega-year with his brother Henrik and whoever plays the RW with them. Henrik asked for a 1 year deal but GM Heald pressed for 2 years so there would be a guaranteed partnership with his brother. bothe sides settled on 2 years at the exact same dollar amount as he made last season...unheard of in this age of free agency.

"Well, we were quite shocked when his agent came to us asking for less money" GM Heald said, "however, we understood what he was saying. We took the opportunity as it was presented to us and signed a qualiy player, person and teammate for 2 more years at a manageable dollar amount. We are very pleased with these negotiations."

Will this deal cause a ripple effect amongst the other loyalty UFAs? We shall see


In other Jets news, Mason Raymond's agent continues to believe his client is the next Mike Bossy after 1 year of CMHL experience and his asking price is reminiscent of last years Jim Vandermeer. There is no progress on that front.

Ben Ferreiro, Shawn Belle and Andrej Sekera all appear to have broken off talks with GM Heald and look forward to any offer sheets that come in.

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