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Anatomy of a Rebuild Written by Flo Rida - November 10th, 2011

Part 6 of 82

Well there has been a coaching change in Florida, well Whelan Bay, to be exact. We have parted ways with Rick Wilson and have brought in Tony Granato. This was more of a move to secure Granato a position  within the franchise then it was about Wilson. Wilson won us a championship a couple seasons ago and that will be a part of our history going forward.

In Granato we bring in a less physical coach and one that specializes in player development.In no way does this mean that Carboneau's job is at stake...yet. The season has gotten off to a shakey start with several poor decision made and the team playing .500 hockey. We will continue to monitor the situation and won't make any major decision until the quarter mark of the season at the earliest.

Tonights game showed some improvement but again we got into some penalty trouble, going shorthanded a remarkable 9 times. Having the PK unit out for a large portion of the game didn't allow us to go on the offensive and that was reflected in the lack of production from our top line. We will tweak the settings and ice the same line up but less physical next game. There will only be one minor adjustment as Joslin was injured in his first game of the season and will be replaced by Matt Walker.


Changes for next game:

Matt Walker in / Joslin injured for 2 days

Physical play done, Offense up

Lundqvist in


Farm notes:

Granato gets a 5-4 shootout victory in first game as head coach

Seguin scored 3 goal of the season shorthanded and get Shootout winner

Brock Trotter gets 2 points and leads team in +/- at 3

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