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Anatomy of a Rebuild Written by Flo Rida - November 18th, 2011

11 0f 82

The Panthers are on a 5 game winning streak for the first time since Season 4 and only one win away from tying a franchise record 6 straight wins! Not bad for a team that finished second last only six months ago.

Although things are looking up, as were expected, there are some players that are not living up to expectations. If you would have told me that Josh Bailey would have more points then Claude Giroux, and the Bobby Butler would have more points then Logan Couture...I would have called BOWLshit on ya. I can't believe that Butler and Bailer each have 4 goals a piece while both Couture and Giroux are sitting with at one.

I'm not sure if it's because Giroux and Couture have spent most of their time on the top line and face other teams top Defensive pairing or just a slow start. I've tried shaking things up and mixing up the lines but no matter what combinations I use it only seems that the third line is producing. I guess I should be happy with an 8-3 record but I was really expecting these two players to put up huge numbers. On the flip side most of my players who can get free rerates in the ICHF are having out standing seasons. Such as:

Stahlberg 5g 5a in 19games

Leddy 2g 12a in 19 games

Whitney 6g 9a in 17 games

Couture 6g 6a in in 16 games

Seguin 11g 9a 19games

Colin Wilson 4g 6a 16 games

Kennedy 2g 3a 8 games

Hall 3g 8a 17 games

So that would leave me the opportunity to use a rerate on Giroux who is off to an incredible start with 11g 12a in 18 games


As for todays game, we will stick with this line up until the streak ends. Mutiple point games were had by bailey redden hall hedman. Lundqvist improves to 5-1 but needs to improve on his 3.2 GAA.

The farm team continues to lose, but our focus has shifted from previous years where we could only hope to win at the farm level. With an ICHF championship under our belt we no longer feel the need to base our success on such a minor level.



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