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I'm back .... Written by Laci Bloomers - October 2nd, 2021

For those of you who live in a cave, my name is Laci Bloomers.  I started my career  as a sports reporter for the Tampa Bay Lightning back in 2008, spending a decade as the organization's inside reporter before spending the next 3 years as an Agent for the league.  That ended this year when some front office guy decided that an automated system would be more entertaining than the group of Agents the league was using, so I have returned the Lightning once again.  Everybody knows if you want something done, hire a woman, and there are some things need to be done around these parts!

Let's be honest, Tampa!  In the three years since I left, this once proud organization has been a hot mess!  I really did not understand until now the affect my presence in the boss's office and the dressing room had on this organization! 

When the organization's GM reached out for a chat, I poked around to get a feel of what was missing.  I started right at the top, worked my way down, and after a little prodding here and there realised that I was the missing link.  So here I am, back to do whatever needs done to get this team to rise up to their fullest potential!

How bad is it?  Since I left to be an Agent, the team failed to improve from the previous season for the first time in it's history.  It missed the playoffs for the first time.  And the second.  First losing record in team history.  Why, they even quit sponsoring the Laci Bloomers Invitational tourney they used to put on. 

It is nothing short of a travesty, to be honest, but that changes starting now.  I plan to be in the GMs front pocket, steering him in the right direction once again.  He is clearly lost without my hands-on approach, and as much as I love being a reporter, my goal is to become the orgainization's next Ass. GM.

So let's get going boys!  Start getting my office together, Normoyle, because I'm moving in and we are going to do whatever it takes until we explode back to our glory days!

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By sitting in the front seat are you steering him in the right direction, or are you helping him "shift" his focus? I hope you realize that he drives an automatic, not a standard. :D Written By: Matsson (2021-10-05 11:06:33)

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