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Youthful Movement! Written by Senators - November 30th, -0001
Ottawa, Ontario

Press Conference at Scotiabank Place.

Larouche, Tippett and Murray step up to the podium along with Alex Tanguay, Joe Pavelski & Rotislav Olesz.

Larouche: "Thank you for attending this press conference. As all of you know, I made it clear after our early exit that many changes would occur. Most of you will ask are we done? My answer is simply no. I want to make sure our club can compete and will not take a night off."

McCracken: "Phil here with the Ottawa Sun, Mr. Larouche this last deal just saw you trade away one of the teams favorite player and it seemed that Modin wanted to stay put, so why move him?"

Larouche: "Modin did ask to stay but also made it clear that if we moved him it would be to only one club. He only wished to go back to his previous club and GM Matsson was more then happy to reacquire him. On the other hand I could not pass up the chance at acquiring a player like Tangs."

McCracken: "Alex, how do you feel about coming here to the capital city of Ottawa where a lot has changed and a new coach?"

Tanguay: "Actually, I am looking forward to a fresh start. I really struggled with my play and I know that Dave & Bryan are counting on me to provide leadership to this young club. I am up for the challenge and leading this club to great heights in the coming season."

McKenzie: "Bob from TSN, Bryan, if you are retooling, why would you trade away two draft picks along with Modin?"

Murray: "Simple, we got younger when we acquired Tangs, as well as adding Pavelski and Olesz who will be mainstays on our club for years. Losing Fredrik is tough but Arnott, Boucher & our other veterans can make the transition easy for our young players."

McCracken: " Dave, do you plan on naming a captain before the season starts and if so who would be the go to guy?"

Tippett: "To be honest Phil, I have yet to talk to the players and right now, we just want to make sure all the guys get the chance to mesh together and see how the chemistry around the room is. Once that's established we will be ready to name our leader."

McCracken: "Mr. Larouche, can we expect anymore moves? And if so what are your plans?"

Larouche: "You all know that Bryan takes care of the deals. The phone line is always open and if we started the season today. I have to say I am pleased with our roster."

McCracken: "So Dave, when will the roster be made public for the fans to get to know the players?"

Tippett: "Actually the rosters should be completed soon, but depending on further moves we just cannot jump to any conclusions. I can honestly say you will see a few guys from our Championship farm club in Winnipeg jump to the big club."

Larouche: "Well I would like to thank the media for joining us tonight and hope to see you all in the playoffs."

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