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Captain Joe Sakic Written by Senators - November 30th, -0001
Ottawa, Ontario

With Mr. Larouche & Mr. Raynald on the road scouting some western teams. The Senators did not have a proper chance to introduce their new addition.

Lecavalier actually was the player to to introduce Sakic.

"Good morning everyone. I would first all thank the media and our fans for their patience. I would like to take the chance to introduce to you, our new team captain #19 Joe Sakic."

Joe walks up on the conference platform and accepts the jersey presented to him by Vinny with a C crested on the Jersey.

"Good morning and thanks Vincent. Well where do I start? I would like to first thank the Rangers organization for giving me a chance to compete and possibly get a ring. They treated me with great respect and were very professional with the move. I would also like to thank Mr. Larouche & Mr. Raynald for allowing the chance to compete with a very well balance & well respected club. I feel that we have the right pieces and we should provide a great fanfare for the fans. I also want to thank my family and Vinny and Dave Tippett for allowing me to be captain even if I just joined the club. It really means alot."

TSN - Mackenzie: "Joe how do you feel about playing on the second line instead of the first?"

Sakic: "What I am playing on the second line? With jokes aside, I feel great and happy about it. I have two great linemates with Gagne and Williams. Both are fast and offer some great openings for me to see the ice and the play around the offensive zone."

RDS - Pedneault: "Well the Senators now have outscored their opponents 15 to 5 with you in their lineup. Do you feel you have made a difference?"

Sakic: "No not really. We are playing as a team and coming together. So if we all stick to coach Tippetts game plan then we should be good to go."

Sun - McCracken: "What is going on with Kipper and is Budaj now the #1 guy?"

Sakic: "Well I am not the coach, but Kipper played well today, I will also let you know that he is recovering for a bad groin pull. So he as been playing injured. But Budaj as stepped up too and nothing wrong with having two great goalies."

Lecavalier: "Well that is all for now, thanks to all and have a great day.

Well from my stand of point. I feel this club as made a huge statement to their counterparts in the East. The Senators are looking to compete and by adding a veteran with such talent like Joe they want to win and bring a cup to the Capital city.

On another note it's now been made official that the club and Boyle both have decided to part ways since they both feel that it would be better for both parties. Boyle stated he does not have any problems with the club just feels he would be better suited to a club that offers more minutes.

For the Ottawa Sun I am Phil McCracken.

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