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CMHL Organization Rankings Written by Ludo, who can take the heat of his choices. - November 30th, -0001
CMHL Organization Rankings, brought to you by Ludo and the CMHL News Staff...

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CMHL Organization Rankings


January 15th, 2008

close cut: Avalanche, isles and Wild.


15 San Jose Sharks
Strengths:  A lot depth with up and coming role players... Alexander Edler is definitely first of his class and will put smiles on sharks faces for years to come. Pekka Rinne could prove to be the future between the pipes and Mitera with Makarov are others that could prevail.
Weaknesses: Tons of players on the farm, but only a few worthy prospects. Trading Angelo Esposito did hurt the ranking.
Top prospects: Edler - Rinne - Mitera
Key graduates: Dustin Penner.
  • 14 Washington Capitals
  • Strengths:  the defense look secured for many years to come. Franson, Ian White and Noah Welch could be a 1-2-3 punch for yrs to come
    Weaknesses: The others positions need to be filled...
    Top prospects: Franson, Welch, White
    Key graduates: Eaves
    13 Philadelphia Flyers
    Strengths: Perron's game is based around his great individual skill, which makes him one of the most dangerous offensive players on the ice. He is especially adept at stick handling his way past defenders and utilizing his accurate shooting to make opposing goaltenders nervous whenever he is near. His vision within the offensive zone also allows him to set up teammates for scoring opportunities. Halak is waiting on a chance to prove himself in the big leagues and Cherepanov owns immense talent but could go play in the motherland.
    Weaknesses: The Lack of depth and the fact Little got recently traded makes the future good instead of great.
    Top prospects: Halak, Cherepanov, Perron
    Key graduates: Lapierre. Lehtonen
    12 Boston Bruins
    Strengths:  TJ Oshie will be as solid as one can be. He displays proficiency in most offensive aspects of the game. He has excellent puck skills, is dangerous one-on-one, and is a worthy skater. Oshie is a good playmaker with a penchant for sniping goals himself. between the pipes, the future is safe with Montoya and Pavelec. If one fails to be half of what he could be, the other one will make up for it.
    Weaknesses: D position and upfront remains questionable...
    Top prospects: Montoya, Oshie, Pavelec
    Key graduates: PM Bouchard, Fritsche, Lyamin.
  • 11 Atlanta Thrashers
  • Strengths:  Karl Alzner is the jewel of the organization. If he manages to be 10% of what everyone is expecting, we'll be in for a wide ride. The Thrashers are the firsts of the elite prospects organizations.
    Weaknesses: Some prospects seem to be late bloomers... lot of mid ranged prospects, only a handful of elite caliber ones.
    Top prospects: Eriksson, cliche, Karl Alzner, kana
    Key graduates: Stehlik, Roussin.

    Coming soon: 10 to 6




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