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Upcoming 1st Round Draft Predictions Written by Max - November 30th, -0001
A 2005 Mock Draft...

1-Sidney Crosby
Team-Boston Bruins
Reason-what else is there to say than i feel Boston is just too weak a team overall to get any higher than last place. their goaltending has noone over 80 overall and their D corps is to weak to help them get a higher position. Crosby will help Boston out a lot, but it will take a few more drafts untill the Bruins are strong enough to push for the playoffs.

2-Benoit Pouliot
Team-New Jersey Devils
Reason-The Devils lack a true prospect playmaker and that's what Pouliot brings to the table. his speed and playmaking abilities will bring the best out of Fehr and Carter.

3-Jack Johnson
Team-Los Angeles Kings
Reason-The Kings are the biggest head scratchers in the league on how a good team can be so low in the ranking. The reason they will draft Johnson is the only have Ryan Whitney as their future D-corps as Dicaire has too low of overall to live to his potential. Johnson brings in tough defense with offensive capabilities and will help form a good one-two combination with Whitney.

4-Gilbert Brule
Team-New York Islanders
Reason- The isles already have tons of great prospects, but Brule brings in the intensity that most lack. one of his major flaws though is he is only 5'10" but his goal scoring capabilities and agressive play will make up for his size.

5-Bobby Ryan
Team-Philadelphia Flyers
Reason-Philly lacks prospect forwards that can rough it up. Ryan brings in some intensity and agression that they can utilise. Ryan also posseses offensive capabilities although his skating is questionable. If Philly finishes higher than 5th, expect them to trade up so they can get Ryan or Brule.

6-Marc Staal
Team-Edmonton Oilers
[Reason]-Staal brings in a good all-around game which is what the oilers can really use. Edmonton only has 3 decent futures and Hannan is likely the only one to be an all-star. Staal could wind up being a number one d-man on the oilers in a few seasons.

7-Anze Kopitar
Team-San Jose Sharks
Reason-The sharks are trying to rebuild and Kopitar has some a very good skill set that would see the sharks draft him. big knock on him is that he is from Slovenia and that isn't exactly a hockey hot-bed.

8-Ryan O'Marra
Team-Buffalo(through Colorado)
Reason-Buffalo has lots of prospects already and O'Marra brings with him the credentials to make the pros. although other players bring in better stats like shooting,playmaking,agression. O'Marra brings with him that feeling of a good player that can be a future captain.

9-Carey Price
Team-Nashville Predators
Reason- Nashville's goaltending is Solid for now with Prusek and Lalime but their future is iffy with Desrochers as their number one prospect goalie. Price is the top goalie in the draft, but a knock on him is so many teams already have future goalies that he could slip far into the draft, almost as far as second round.

10-Marek Zagrapan
Team-New York Rangers(through Calgary)
Reason-NYR is so full of prospects that it won't really matter who they take. Zagrapan has tons of offensive power, but lacks the grit that is needed with his skill so that he won't get punked around. he can be a real asset to the rangers, or his lack of grit will find him on the trading block.

11-Jack Skille
Team-New York Rangers
Reason-One of the higher ranked prospects in the draft. He would join the rangers who already have a high amount of prospects. Skille the skills the be a sure thing in the pros.

12-Martin Hanzel
Team-Montreal Canadiens
Reason-This 6'5" mammoth brings size and skill to the draft, and the canadiens could use a little more size after dealing Bertuzzi for St.Louis. it is not set in stone though, as his flaws could land him in the bottom of the 1st round.

13-Luc Bourdon
Team-Buffalo Sabres
Reason- Bourdon is a decent defensman with the tools to be a pro, but he is not exactly an outstanding d-man. he is good and will be drafted top-15 but will probably be taken after Johnson and Staal.

14-Brian Lee
Team-Chicago Blackhawks(through Detroit)
Reason- An offensive defenceman that can help out Chicago's blueline put up points. not the best defenceman in the draft, he does have the skills to crack the hawks roster in a few seasons.

15-Kenndal McArdle
Team-Phoenix Coyotes
Reason-McArdle can put up good numbers and that can help out the coyotes future as after their top line, their scoring dips off. he also can take a beating so he can get good scoring chances. The coyotes have a good future ahead of them and McArdle will help them out.

16-Andrew Cogliano
Team-Minnesota Wild
Reason- He is one hell of a point producer, with great spped to boot. big reason he is not in the higher rounds though is he is very small at 5'9". he would join an already pretty good offensive team with the likes of Peter Forsberg, but his size might keep him from being elite.

17-Alex Bourret
Team-Philadelphia Flyers(Through Toronto)
Reason- He is a very tough player and likes to get physical, but has a tendancy to get a little carried away. unlike other big tough D-men, Bourret can put the puck in the net and set some plays, he would join an already tough D-corps and philly would be a threat to physically weaker teams.

18-Ryan Parent
Team-Chicago Blackhawks
Reason-With this being the hawks second pick, one would wonder what else they would need. Parent doesn't exactly jump out, but he is a sound player, but will probably find himself in the mnors for a couple seasons till some openings happen.

19-Niklas Bergfors
Team-Washington Capitals(Through Atlanta)
Reason-Bergfors brings with him a scorer, who can get physical if needed. and i think the Capitals can use another prospect forward having only Brown as top-tier prospect.

20-Jakub Kindl
Team-San Jose Sharks(through Tampa Bay)
Reason-Kindl has the tools needed to be a good offensive defenceman, although he did have an off year, the Sharks can hopefully look past that as only Zizka and Stuart are their only D-men with over 80 potential.

21-Guillaume Latendresse
Team-Philadelphia Flyers(Through Carolina)
Reason-A good forward who can put up some points when called upon. which would help out the Flyers offence. his skating is rather poor though, and that could bump him even lower in the rankings.

22-Brendan Mikkelson
Team-Vancouver Canucks(through Anaheim)
Reason-Vancouver's Defence is currently their weakest thing...and that isn't saying much. Mikkelson is an average D-man that can put up a few points and hit a little. he'll find himself in the minors and porbably be no better than a 5-6th dman on Vancouver.

23-Matt Lashoff
Team-St.Louis Blues
Reason-Another average D-man. He was injured for a large part of last season, so his stock has dipped a little. St.L needs some prospects on the back end, so Lashoff could be a good fit there.

24-Devin Setoguchi
Team-Chicago Blackhawks(through Florida)
Reason-Setoguchi brings with him a great set of skills for scoring, and a great tendency to be inconsistent. He can either be red hot or ice cold, but the hawks have a good set of scorers to keep him from being col too often.

25-Michael Blunden
Team-Ottawa Senators
Reason-Not the greatest scorer, but who needs that when Thornton,Hossa and Mogilny rock the nets. this power forward will go good on a future line with Anthony Stewart. now if he could score some more, he'd get much more value

26-Scott Jackson
Team-Columbus Blue Jackets(through pittsburgh)
Reason-An all-around good d-man. doesn't stand out in much but flaws are limited except skating. he could definatly help Columbus's Prospect d-men as their's not a stand out one among them.

27-Dan Bertram
Team-Columbus Blue Jackets
Reason-Plays the game like its meant to be played. Columbus needs some more prospect forwards after dealing a few away to land Richards and such. not too much said about this guy.

28-Nick Drazenovic
Team-Vancouver Canucks
Reason-Not ranked very high on scouts Drazenovic can play a pretty good offensive and defensive game. though he isn't very big, he can be a good force for the Canucks.

29-Tuukka Rask
Team-Dallas Stars
Reason-Rask is the second ranked goalie in the draft, and Dallas is in need of a future goalie with both Shields and Brodeur getting Older..not much more is needed to be said

30-Ryan Stoa
Team-New York Rangers
Reason-A top 30 propect that can probably make the rangers in a few seasons. could slip out of the first round but won't miss the second round.

And there, that's where i see the draft going. teams 1-5 are pretty much given but 6-20 are about 2-6 points apart and could swap around. and don't get mad if my prediction has you missing the playoffs, and you feel your team is good enough to make them, just my predictions, hope im close to at least half of them.

Thanks to www.tsn.ca for information about the players.

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